2010年7月1日 星期四

Orange Caramel Spotted at a Fast Food Restaurant

Before they became famous, celebrities had a normal routine just like you and me. Well, the girls of Orange Caramel are no exception.
Stepping out for some snacks, Raina, Lizzy and NaNa were spotted in line at a fast food chain.
Come on, who wouldn't?
Instead of wearing regular clothes, the trio went out with their Orange Caramel outfits – creating laughter amongst viewers. Guess the girls have no time to change their clothes as they went straight to the restaurant right after the end of a music program.
According to the netizen who posted the photo (shown above), 「Everyone focused on them as soon as they stepped inside. It was cute how they stood in line and ordered their food like children. I followed them wanting an autograph, but in the end, I couldn't approach them. I think I will go to that fast food restaurant more often now.」
Pledis Entertainment issued a statement regarding the photo, stating, 「It looks like they had some spare time and went to get some food with their manager.」 They added, 「Orange Caramel is a group that is aiming to spread the happy virus, so we're glad that people are looking at them in a good light,」 expressing their thanks to fans of the younger members of After School.
Meanwhile, the girls are gaining popularity through their hit song 『Magic Girl』.