2010年7月11日 星期日

Taeyang and Yuri Went On a Blind Date?

Although Big Bang's Taeyang made have never had a girlfriend before, he certainly has gone on a date with a beautiful woman! On the latest episode of SBS 『Strong Heart,』 which will be broadcast to the public on the 20th, the boy who needs a girl confessed to have gone on a blind date with SNSD's Yuri.

Fellow Big Bang member Seungri who also attended the recording initiated the conversation, saying, 「It seems like Taeyang wants a girlfriend. He didn't tell any of [his fellow Big Bang] members and went to SNSD's concert by himself.」 Taeyang then honestly explained what happened: 「While I was making my album, I wasn't able to go out and put my all into working [so I attended the concert instead.] I must have looked really tired as a friend told me, 『[Yuri] has a good personality, and I think it'd be good if you guys [became] friends,』 and set up the blind date.」

Continuing on with the story, Taeyang spoke of the actual date and said, 「When I arrived at the meeting point, SNSD's Yuri was there. We still contact each other and are close friends,」 which surprised many listeners in the studio. He also added that if he 「was actually dating Yuri, [he] would not be able to reveal [their] relationship,」 which must have relieved the hearts of many listening fangirls. 「I hope others just see as good colleagues,」 he added.

The story then took on a more interesting turn, as he expressed his worries of having the maknae of Big Bang discover his relationship with Yuri. 「After seeing Seungri become close with Yuri, [since] they are classmates, I got a bit worried that he would find out about our relationship,」 he confessed.