2010年7月6日 星期二

Hyoyeon, Nicole, and Min are Friends

Fans of SNSD, Kara, and miss A have struck gold lately, as it was recently revealed that idols Nicole of Kara, Hyoyeon of SNSD, and Min of miss A maintain a close relationship with each other.
When asked about her relationship with the two other girls, Min explained that she had met Hyoyeon through dancing school way back before her debut. The two girls then took their friendship to a whole different level by forming a dance team and doing performances to showcase their talents. Because Min still keeps in touch with Hyoyeon, when she told the SNSD member of her debut, 「[she] was very happy.」

But what of Min's relationship with Nicole? After being asked to answer this question, Min replied, 「through Hyoyeon, I became friends with Nicole.」 She also gave the perfect example of friendships between idols, saying, 「I meet with them of ten and chatter.」

It's always nice to hear about friendships forged between different artists, isn't it?