2010年7月16日 星期五

T-ara Gets a New Member and New Leader

When Core Contents Media announced that T-ara would be going through some big changes in the near future, they really meant it!

T-ara will now be a seven member group as Ryu HwaYoung, a seventeen year old high school student, is the group's newest addition. Ryu HwaYoung will be replacing Jiyeon as the new maknae of T-ara. This isn't the first time that the public has met HwaYoung, as she already made an appearance on an SBS variety show back in the end of May. In addition, HwaYoung as well as her twin sister HyoYoung are quite popular on the internet. The two also participated in this year's Gaya contest.

Along with the news of a new member, T-ara's leader will not be Eunjung anymore. The new leader of T-ara will be Boram.

All of these changes were not easily decided, as T-ara and the staff held a meeting that lasted for a duration of five to six hours. There were split opinions and it was difficult to come to such decisions.

Everyone is probably shocked with these two announcements, but let's all continue to support T-ara as these changes were made to bring more success to the group in the future.