2010年7月6日 星期二

KARA's Japan debut on August 4 get's postponed

Kara's Japanese debut get's postponed!

Originally, KARA was going to release their debut single "Mister" Japanese Version on August 4, They have even already finished shooting for the music video. KARA is ready for their debut in Japan, however out of the blue, their debut get's shelved for almost a week.

KARA's agency said on the 6th, "The original release of their debut album in Japan is August 4, but the plans somewhat changed, Their debut will be postponed for a bout a week until another date will be set".

Their debut in Japan will be postponed for a week or so, however no reasons were stated on why their debut was postponed.

KARA has already attracted interest from local fans and the media in Japan even before debut. They already have a famous TV Comedian who is a huge fan of them and has helped promote KARA in Japan.

Earlier this year, KARA had a successful showcase in Japan with over 4,000 seats where their Japanese album compilation reached number 10 on the Oricon Daily Chart.