2010年7月6日 星期二

A Look Into f(x) Members' Unique Charms

As a group, f(x) stated, 「We don't have time to think about rivals. We're busy enough working to become the best 『Asian pop dance group』.」

f(x) has become one of the most popular girl groups in the music industry after releasing their first mini album, 『NU ABO』. f(x) is a 5-member group, consisting of Victoria (23), Amber (18), Luna (17), Sulli (16), and Krystal (16). Despite the group's average age being 18, they have been showing off their solid skills and unique personalities, challenging SNSD who is under the same managament. Their previous singles 『LA chA TA』 and 『Chu~』 were both hits, making the group's name known. Along with promoting 『NU ABO』, the members have been participating on different variety shows, showing off each of their unique charms.
『Angelic Woman』 Victoria

The oldest member, Victoria, is often referred to as 『mom』 by her group members. Although she doesn't have a single drop of Korean blood in her, her nickname suits her as she takes care of all her younger members. She makes her members' mouths happy by cooking mapo tofu and omurice for them at their dorm. Victoria tries to make her hometown, China, become a familiar place for her members by telling them stories about it whenever she has the time. She has also been gaining lots of love from fans by appearing on MBC 『We Got Married』 alongside 2PM's Nichkhun. She has also been appearing on KBS 2TV 『Invincible Youth』 in a natural, less decorative manner, and shows off her flexibility on music programs while performing 『NU ABO』. 「I often feel like I don't have any bones in my body. I learned dance for 10 years in China, so I am confident when it comes to flexibility.」
『Boyish Charm』 Amber

「I'm like a guy? This is my normal appearance.」 Since their debut, Taiwanese-American member Amber was mistaken as a guy due to her overflowing boyish charms. To the point where her members call her 『Amber oppa』 (older brother). However, she didn't seem to care much by saying, 「My appearance is so natural and comfortable, so I will go on as I feel.」 As Amber is also a member from a different country, it was hard for her at first. As they all grew up in different environments, solving problems was different, and it was difficult trying to gather the opinions of all the members. However, they have become so close that they know what another member is thinking just by looking at their eyes.

After hurting her ankle, Amber has been sitting out of performances for 『NU ABO』. She has been taking this time to work on her inarticulate Korean. 「Because of our tight schedules, I have been learning by watching dramas. If there is a word that I don't understand, I always ask the other members.」

『As Pretty As Her Sister』 Krystal
「I don't feel any rivalry with my sister. She is my senior and I am her junior in the music industry, but in the end, we are simply sisters.」 Krystal is SNSD Jessica's blood-related sister. As they are both under the same management, and are regarded as rival groups, a bit of rivalry ought to exist between the two. However, Krystal cynically answered, 「I don't have much interest in that.」 Krystal said, 「Of course I like my sister a lot. However, I can't see her very often due to SNSD's busy schedule. I spend more time communicating with my own group members.」 Along with promoting the mini album with her group, Krystal has also been getting a taste of solo activities. Along with taking the lead role, alongside singer Tei, in the music drama 『Melody Project』, she sang 『Melody』, which has been getting just as much popularity as 『NU ABO』. She has also been casted as a member in the MBC sitcom 『More Charming by the Day』, making her first attempt at acting. At this rate, it seems as if she will become more famous that her sister.

『Cute Eye Smiles』 Sulli
Sulli made her first debut as a child actress in 2005 through the SBS drama 『Seo Dong Yo』. With this background, she has the hopes of taking on plays and musicals. 「Of course I have thoughts of acting, too. However, I don't think right now is the most appropriate time. I want to concentrate on activities as f(x).」 Aside from acting, another way to admire her charms is through the SBS music program 『Inkigayo』. Sulli stands between her fellow MCs, 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung, captivating viewers with her cute eye smiles. While she didn't have any difficulties while promoting 『NU ABO』, she was a little shaken during a live performance. This was because of her messing up her lyrics. She soon became the talk amongst netizens. 「Honestly, I'm not the only one who got my lyrics wrong. Amber also messed up her rap during our first comeback stage. However, many people probably did not notice it as her rap was fast and in English. The members were surprised amongst ourselves.」

『Powerful Voice』 Luna
「When we first received this song, it might have been because of the odd title, but it didn't click right away [in my head]. Honestly, I did not understand it.」
Luna, who shows off her powerful singing, revealed her first though on 『NU ABO』. She added that she also worried, 「What if it doesn't appeal to the public?」 Luna, along with her other members, agreed, 「We took on this song with the confidence that because we are f(x), we will be able to sing such a unique song, and was able to gain positive results.」 Luna was able to debut after her appearance on SBS 『Truth Game』 in 2006. She appeared on the show with the title of 『wave girl』, showing off her fantastic dance skills, surprising both the audience and celebrity panelist. However, it was not only her dancing skills, but her perfect singing skills that got her chosen to become a member of f(x). She is currently the main vocal of the group, taking care of the high notes.