2010年7月16日 星期五

Which SBS 『Heroes』 Members Are the Most Popular?

The newest girl group variety show 『Heroes』 has its first episode coming up.
『Heroes』 has taken it's place to air after 『Running Man』 every Sunday, and will air its pilot episode on the 18th. 『Heroes』 will have Noh SaYeon and Seo InYoung as the head members, and will consist of 12 other female celebrities. The 12 members being Lee Jin, Shin BongSun, Jung GaEun, Hong SooAh, IU, Yoo InNa, Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha, After School's Kahi, Kara's Nicole, and T-ara's Jiyeon.

The show will have Lee HwiJae and Noh HongChul as the MCs. The two divided the show's members into a 『popular team』 and 『unpopular team』 as their first task on the show. At first, the members seemed to be taken aback, but soon were curious as to who was in which team.
The members ranking from 1~6 in popularity were put in the 『popular team』 and the 7~12 members into the 『unpopular team』. While the members' ranks were revealed, they couldn't hide their disappointment, and some their happiness, showing their honest feelings.
As soon as the girls met, they battled it out to see which was the most charming, introducing a new girl variety show.
This episode is scheduled to air on the 18th at 6:40 pm (KST).