2010年7月8日 星期四

'Heroes' Noh SaYeon, "Jiyeon and IU's calling me Unnie, MBLAQ's Nuna Makes Me Happy"

SBS TV's 'Gold Miss''s replacement girls' variety show "Heroes" had their first filming on July 6th at 8:30 PM at the Incheon SongDo Sports Center which included a press conference.

On 'Heroes' Lee HwiJae and Noh Hongchul will be MCing and with Noh SaYeon, Seo InYoung, Lee Jin, Hong SooAh, Yoo InNa, IU Shin BongSun, Jung GaEun, After School's Gahi, Brown eye Girl's Narsha, T-Ara's JiYeon, and KARA's Nicole there was a total of 12 people.

Amidst all the girls in this group of 12 people, the older Noh SaYeon was asked "You're doing a variety show with young friends. It must have not been an easy decision to join the cast, did you have a reason in doing so?" and she replied with "There are many fun and pretty friends. (So) I'm doing it joyfully" and "Pretty kids are pretty kids. There's nothing we can do about it." and while laughing "There may be the subject of jealousy among the female viewers. But I'm thinking this is a new face of variety shows" and revealed her thoughts.

Also "I also would like to open the windows of conversation. The young friends need a sunbae's sacrifice. I believe it's my role to help bring out and show the sincere sides of my hoobae's on variety shows" she added.

And "Their age is like that of daughters and sons but IU and JiYeon call me unnie and MBLAQ calls me nuna. Even with just that I'm happy" and laughed.

At the show's inaugural event they found the national team member's of the girls' rugby team and cheered for the players in the Environmental Movement.

It will air this upcoming 18th every Sunday Night at 6:50 PM.