2010年7月8日 星期四

T-ara's Jiyeon, "It's time to stop." Fans are worried!

Jiyeon who's the youngest of idol group T-ara, revealed a confession through Twitter.
Jiyeon will start her entertainment activity through a female variety show called SBS 'Heroes'. She showed us a fresh image of her in Incheon when they're having a photo time for 'Heroes' on July 6th.

After the photo time at July 7th in dawn, she wrote at her Twitter account, "I ran while only looking in front. It's time to stop." her meaningful post has attracted attentions. Fans who visited her Twitter thought "Maybe it's a confession about her 'Murder Schedules'."

Actually before she debut, she did her casting for MBC's drama 'Soul' and since then she has no time to spend for herself. T-ara's debut and her all day long shooting, after shooting straight to practice room, 'Lies' choreography practice, music program broadcast, events, etc. She can't even sleep properly due to her 'murder schedule'.

She also did some activities with T-ara like TTL, Like the First Time, Bo Peep Bo Peep, without taking a breath. Then shooting a drama for KBS called 'God of Study', activities with T-ara in repackaged album 'I Go Crazy Because of You', and a new movie 'Death Bell 2'. She handles all these busy schedules at such a young age.

Netizens who heard about the news gave some sad testimonies like, "Through that time she was running busily without even took a breathe, now I could feel her tiredness." - "We could see her tired expression.", "How much tired feelings a young person could felt." - "She can't even sleep in her playing age…How many events she has." - etc.