2010年7月6日 星期二

Son Dambi Unleashes a MV Teaser

We've all been extremely hyped up for Son Dambi's comeback, and now there's even more to be excited for! The artist just released a short movie teaser for us all to watch, and you've got to admit, it really does get you at a level of anticipation that's just impossibly high!

The teaser, which gives you just a few seconds of an idea as to what the actual song sounds like, features Son Dambi looking great as the queen that we've all known her to truly be even before this new concept of hers. From a blue miniskirt to denim jeans and various other outfits, she manages to pull her outfits all off! Now that's true beauty for you!

But now, here's what you've all been waiting for – the teaser: