2010年7月16日 星期五

Why Were Changes Made to T-ara?

Fans were very shocked to hear of the changes in girl group T-ara, which mainly consisted of adding a new member and passing on the title of leader to Boram. A representative for the girls was selected to come out and explain the reasoning behind the changes to the group.

It was first stated that because T-ara now had a new member, the girls should now be able to perform on stage more effectively. The girls will also receive lighter schedules if it is determined that they are becoming too stressed out. What's even more exciting for fans is that T-ara's entertainment company hinted at the possibility of individual activities for the members in the future since they're getting so big!

The representative went on to say that 「Hyomin is preparing for a drama shoot and future individual activities. In this case, it means [that the] girls can't regularly be on stage or record often, or else members would be missing and that's why we recruited a new member to hold activities and keep interests in T-ara [high, instead of being in dramas or movies.]」

President Kim Kwangsoo also revealed that the seven girls together will be working together to create their next album. 「T-ara's album title song has not yet been decided, but as before, it'll be different from before and a concept that the new member also fits in,」 he stated.
We'll all be looking forward to seeing what all seven girls have to offer when the time comes for them to promote their new album!