2010年7月16日 星期五

Dambi wants a Bad Guy

『Sexy queen』 Son DamBi reveals that she wishes to date bad guys.

She had revealed the type of guys she wishes to date during her guest appearances on KBS late night variety show 『Night Star』 to be aired on 18th July at 11.15pm.

She said, 「The guys whom I have been dating so far have been kind guys. Recently I felt the charms of bad guys, and I wish to try date one.」

Meanwhile, Onew revealed that when he think of Son DamBi he think of 『shoulders』, because she have wide shoulders. Son DamBi also revealed that did swimming and tennis when she was young. Other keywords related to her include 『sexy』, 『pretty』 and 『chair』 etc.

Also on the show, MC Shin DongYeop asked, 「Do you like drinking?」. Son DamBi answered, 「It is not that I don't drink. I like drinking makgeolri amongst the alocholic drinks.」