2010年7月16日 星期五

After School's Park Kahi Becomes A Radio DJ

Recently, the sexy leader of After School, Park Kahi has replaced Jung GaEun』s place as a radio DJ after she fainted from overworking.

According to After School's management, Park Kahi is now a radio DJ for SBS program 『Jung GaEun's Sweet Music Box』.
Even though the decision was sudden, Park Kahi's talent is recognized since she has been showing her talking skills in variety shows. Besides that, becoming a radio DJ was also her dream. Therefore, she promised to show her best in this field.
Her management added, 「Rather than her sexy and charismatic image, she will take Jung GaEun's position with a more easy-going, friendly image.」
Hopefully Jung GaEun will get a good rest before resuming her work. Congratulations and good luck Park Kahi!