2010年4月30日 星期五

Piggy SooYoung

The tallest member of SNSD, SooYoung is now having worries about her belly fat.

On April 30th, during an interview of MBC 「Section TV,」 the members revealed the new nickname for SooYoung. When they were asked a question about their figures, the members said 「SooYoung gained the nickname 『Piggy Sooyoung』 recently.」

The cute SooYoung explained, 「I weighed myself after not doing so for a while, and I saw that I gained 3kg. It was the first time I weighed that much since I was born.」 She added on, 「I've gained belly fat. It's back from hibernating.」

In her profile, it is stated that her weight is 45 kg. With the new weight gain, she might have been around 49 kg. It seems fine for ordinary people like us but it is a big deal for celebrities since appearance is one of the most important assets. However, SooYoung seems pretty and cute as always, don't you agree? Let's hope she will not push herself too much for weight loss.

100501 Music Core Performers List

♬ Comeback stage
Lee Hyori "Bring It Back" (With Bekah of After School & Jiyoon of 4minute) + Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
2PM "Dont stop Cant Stop" + "Without U"

♬ Hot stage
After School "Let's Do It" + "Bang"
Beast "Shock"
Secret "Magic"
ZE:A "All Day"

♬ Love is...
K. Will + Junhyung (Beast) "Gift"
Yoo Seung Chan "Chemistry"
Kim Jong Wook "초연"

♬ Crazy in MUZIK
Epik High "Run"
Tae Jin Ah + Maya "사랑은 돈보다 좋다"

♬ New Song
U-Kiss "What"
Jerry + Ha Joo Yeon (Jewelry) "사랑한다"

HyunAh, Lee Teuk and Narsha encourage female football team!

To encourage the participants of the upcoming World Cup, Super Junior's Lee Teuk, 4Minute's HyunAh and Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha have paid a visit to the football team of a girls' high school in Daejeon as part of SBS 'Waving the Korean Flag' programme. They interacted with everyone in the team and listened to their stories. There were also jokes and games. The competitive idols did not give in at all when it came to games, causing much excitement. Later, the atmosphere became serious when some students shared their heart-rending stories about their football dreams.

Kim Yuna's Latest Samsung Hauzen CF

Kim Yuna has been spotted dancing and singing together with her coach, Brian Orser, and fellow Korean skater Kwak MinJung in the latest CF of Samsung Hauzen air conditioner Zero.

On ice, Kim Yuna or known as Queen Yuna, delivers breathtaking performances with her artistry skills and elegance. Off ice, she is the pretty and bubbly girl whom we all want to be friends with. As the 2010 Olympic Figure Skating gold medalist and recently listed in 2010 TIME Magazine』s Top 100 Most Influential People, it is not a surprise for her to receive love calls continuously from endorsement companies. Let us watch her latest CF which is posted on her official YouTube channel, yunakim.

It is wonderful to see Kim Yuna and Brian Orser working together inside and outside the ice rink. They really make an amazing team. Kim Yuna is so adorable in the CF, isn't she? After watching this, she makes me want to buy the air conditioner for the coming summer!

SNSD End Promotions for 『Oh!』 & 『Run Devil Run』 on May 1st

After promoting their new songs 『Oh!』 and 『Run Devil Run』, SNSD will be concluding their promotions on May 1st!

It seems like only yesterday that SNSD released their MV』s for 『Oh!』 and 『Run Devil Run『, but now, the girls will be officially ending promotions for their songs.

SNSD will be appearing on the April 30th broadcast of Music Bank and the May 1st broadcast of Inkigayo.

The April 30th live stage on Music Bank will be their last live broadcast, and the May 1st broadcast of Inkigayo will be their last recorded broadcast.

SNSD performed 『Oh!』 and 『Run Devil Run』 one last time on their goodbye stage.

Thanks to 『Oh!』, the cheerful song that captured the hearts of oppas everywhere, and 『Run Devil Run』, the charisma overloaded Black Soshi song, SNSD has gotten tons of love and have revealed that they will work harder to return with a more mature image.

On the 30th, Newsen was able to get in contact with a SM Entertainment representative via telephone and held a phone interview. The representative stated that: 「SNSD will be ending their activities for Oh! and Run Devil Run on the 1st. However, the SNSD members are currently active individually, appearing on variety shows such as 『We Got Married』, 『Family Outing 2′, 『Invincible Youth』, and musicals as well. Please await SNSD's more mature image.」

Meanwhile, the girls, also recently celebrated a very special occasion for all 9 of them! The 1,000th day since their debut!

The girls have also received attention for sending a word of thanks to all the fans who celebrated with them!

Congratulations girls! We hope you have many more days to come!

Stars who will celebrate their birthday in May

A new month just started. Here are informationes about stars who will celebrate their birthday in May. Please take a look.

2AM - Jinwoon (91)

ex-Wonder Girls - Sunmi (92)

Secret - Song Jieun (90)

Fin KL - Lee Hyori (79)

Boom (MC)(82)

Rainbow - No Eul (89)

2AM - Seulong (87)

Kim Tae Woo (81)

SNSD - Sunny (89)

CN-Blue - Jonghyun (90)

IU (93)

4Minute - Gayoon (90)

KARA - Park Gyuri (88)

Wonder Girls - Park Yeeun (89)

T-Ara - Hyomin (89)

SNSD - Yoona (90)

[UPDATE] KARA Releases Individual Teasers For World Cup Song

[UPDATE] The final two solo teasers for Nicole and Jiyoung have now been released.

KARA-We're With You (Nicole )

KARA-We're With You (Ji Young)

100430 SNSD 소녀시대 CUT - MBC 섹션TV 연예통신

100430 SNSD 소녀시대 CUT - MBC 섹션TV 연예통신

2010.04.30 Gummy - Loveless [MINI ALBUM]

專輯名稱:《러브리스(LOVELESS)》(Mini Album)


01.그만 헤어져 就此分手
02.Because Of You
03.사랑은 없다 沒有愛情
04.남자라서 作為男人
05.어떡해 怎麼辦
06.누구세요(feat.Bigtone) 是誰啊

2009.10.26 Gummy - 이별은 사랑 뒤를 따라와 - Telecinema Project Vol.3[Single]

專輯名稱:《이별은 사랑 뒤를 따라와 - Telecinema Project Vol.3》


01.이별은 사랑 뒤를 따라와 離別跟在愛之後

2006.04.28 Gummy - Unplugged

專輯名稱:《Gummy Unplugged》


01.그대 돌아오면 如果你回來
02.친구라도 될 걸 그랬어 早知道做個朋友好了
03.혼자만 하는 사랑 一個人的愛
04.손 틈새로... 通過手機的間隙
05.어른아이 孩子
06.날 그만 잊어요 無法忘記的一天
07.아니 知道
08.하고 싶었어 想要做
09.기억상실 遺失的記憶
10.Dance Dance
11.나는... 我呢
12.부탁 囑咐

2008.03.14 Gummy - Vol. 4 Comfort



01.Intro-Work it now (feat.G-Dragon)
02.Clap your hands (feat.Perry)
03.미안해요 (feat.T.O.P) 對不起
04.사랑하지 말아요 不要相愛
05.거울을 보다가 (feat.Red Roc) 看著鏡子
06.Let's get it party (feat.45RPM)
07.마지막 파티 最後的Party
08.따끔 Sting
09.이별이 아니길 不是離別
10.I'm gonna miss u (feat.지은<智恩>)
11.여기까지만 (feat.Skull) 就到此為止
12.환각(Sampling by "Where Are They Now" - Leon Ware) 幻覺
13.음악이 끝나기 전에 在音樂結束前
14.미안해요(Hard trance remix) 對不起

2005.09.01 Gummy - Vol. 3 - For The Bloom

專輯名稱:《3집-For The Bloom》
發行公司:YG Entertainment


02.Holic(feat.Stony Skunk)
03.손 틈새로... 手指間...
04.아니 不是
05.어른아이 大人和小孩
06.오늘은 헤어지는 날 今天是離別的日子
07.Trap(feat.Soul Star 이승우)
08.평균 平均
09.혼자만 하는 사랑 一個人的戀愛
10.실수(feat.Masta Wu) 過錯
12.옷 服
13.저기 가는 사람 人們去哪裡

2004.09.09 Gummy - Vol. 2 - It's Different

專輯名稱:《2輯 - It's Different》


01.Gumy Skills(Intro)
02.하고 싶었어 我很想試一試
03.내 곁에 잠이 든 이 밤에 睡在我旁邊的夜裡
04.날 그만 잊어요 不要再把我忘記
05.기억상실 記憶喪失
06.Love Again(feat. 하동균<河東根>)
07.Tonight(feat. 휘성)
08.Dance Dance(feat. 송백경<宋白京>)
09.그녀보다 내가 뭐가(feat. Perry) 我哪裡沒她好
10.So Much(feat. 마스타 우)
11.Witches(feat. 태빈, 이은주)
12.Round 1(feat. 렉시, 지누)
13.인연 因緣
14.It Don't Matter No More
15.Singing My Blues(Outro)
16.날 그만 잊어요(Acoustic Version)(Bonus Track)

2003.02.07 Gummy - Vol. 1 - Like Them


專輯名稱:《1輯 - Like Them》


01.하고 싶은 말 想說的話
02.그대 돌아오면 你回來的話
03.친구라도 될걸 그랬어 早知做個朋友也好
04.Wanna Be
05.나는 我呢
06.Do It(feat. 휘성, Perry)
07.부탁 囑咐
08.Phone Call
09.거기 그대로 就在那
10.언제라도 隨時隨地
11.오늘도 온종일 今天也整天
12.가버려(feat. 마스타 우) 走吧

Gummy (거미/蜘蛛)

Gummy (거미/蜘蛛)

所屬公司:YG Entertainment(她跟BigBang和2NE1是同屬YG娛樂下的歌手)
外號:지랭이, 지발이, 꼴똥
喜歡的音樂人:Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, India Arie
喜歡的音樂類型:SOUL, R&B, HIP-HOP

4Minute released the MV teaser of "Muzik" (Japanese Version)!

People are saying that 4Minute are international stars as they have promoted in many countries althought hey have just debuted last year.

I guess their next destination is going to be Japan,the girls have released the MV teaser of the Japanese version of "Muzik",please take a look at the video here!

Ji Yeon & Jinon become couple for T-ara Dot Com!

This set of new T-ara Dot Com is a bit special as F.Cuz's leader Jinon is featured in these photos.

Fans will be jealous for sure after seeing these photos,they wear couple shirts in these photos,besides,they are enjoying the moment together,just look at their smile,both of them look good as a couple right?