2010年4月26日 星期一

f(x) Sulli, the 9 Year Old Poet

Sulli, the youngest from f(x), has Korean netizens laughing and smiling.
25th of April, on a prominent online community, an interesting topic named 「Sulli's Confidence」 was posted. In the post, a poetry written by a second grader named Choi Jinli (f(x) Sulli's given name).

With the title 「About Me,」 she writes:
I consider myself pretty too, but I don't understand why other people consider me pretty as well. Isn't a singer-like person suppose to be pretty? In our church, there are so many people who are prettier than me, but why do others say they like me and only call me cute? I really don't like it when people do that. When I tell people my name, they think even my name is cute… Am I really that pretty?!」
Netizens left humorous comments ranging from 「Must have been pretty when she was nine years old as well」 to 「That's a confidence I've never had.」 Some people have even named her the 2nd Park Gyuri. Park Gyuri of Kara is known to be the goddess who always shows confidence in her looks and ability.
Surprisingly, the topic did not have a hint of malicious comment or negative response.
Currently, Sulli is an MC for SBS』s Inkigayo with 2PM』s Taecyeon and Wooyoung.