2010年4月28日 星期三

T-ara's Eunjung Makes a Surprise Visit to Yuchiri

T-ara's Eunjung Makes a Surprise Visit to Yuchiri

From one SNSD member to another, and this time, from KARA to T-ara?

What made Eunjung to appear as a special guest on 『Invincible Youth』 this week? Well, the fact that SNSD's Yuri was down with swine flu last month, her fellow member Sooyoung filmed an episode as a replacement. In this case, T-ara's leader Eunjung takes the place of Kara』s Goo Hara this week.

According to 『Invincible Youth』 PD Kim HoSung, Goo Hara was absent for the filming because she was in Thailand for a CF shoot. He also addded that it was the same incident when SNSD's Sooyoung replaced Yuri – different group members could make a surprise visit.

As soon as the 21 year old girl, Eunjung, set forth on Yuchiri's territory, she started off with a sexy dance that lifts up the mood on the set. From what we've known, G7 members were acknowledge for their working skills on the farm, so what does T-ara's leader have in store for us?

Well, many hard chores! Eunjung did official farm work during her visit. She then grabbed some fertilizer and sprinkled it on the rice paddy and plowed over it with a tractor by herself! She even jumped into a mud rice paddy showing off slapstick comedy.

Meanwhile, all G7 members as well as Eunjung planted 『Rose of Sharon』 seeds right beside their fence. And to lighten up the atmosphere, Eunjung brought up a sexy version of the Korean game 『Redlight-Greenlight』 which made the rest of the G7 members showcase their various expressions and poses.

On the same day, singer-entertainer Kim JongMin also made a special appearance on the show.

Excited? This episode will air on Friday, April 30th at 11:05pm (KST).