2010年4月29日 星期四

SNSD celebrates their 1000th day after debut!

9 member girl group SNSD celebrates their "1000th" day after debut!

On their official website a picture said "1000th day since debut!~ That is the title written. We debuted in the summer of 2007 and now its our 1000th day! fans will be happy with gratitude!"

Leader Taeyeon said that their fan club "soshi" will be happy for this and today will be also an emotional day. It's been a thousand days since their debut and another day will begin.

Jessica said that SNSD will always be beside their fans and will make them happy that no other can offer such happiness in the world. Sunny said her thanks to the fans. Other members also said their messages to the fans.

It's a happy day for their fans and SNSD and an accomplishment to celebrate their 1000th day after debut three years ago.