2010年4月28日 星期三

Death Bell 2 Still Cut Released

The still cut of the movie 「Death Bell 2」 scheduled to be premiered in July has been released.

The still cut revealed how hard the actors and actresses worked for this film. The cast includes Yoon Siyoon and Hwang Jungeun who rose to stardom through 「High Kick Through the Roof」, as well as Park Eunbin, T-Ara's Jiyeon and others.

A representative from the movie said, 「This still cut release is for the fans who are waiting for the release of Death Note 2′ this summer.」

The filming started this April. The sequel garnered attention as Kim Sooro was featured following the first movie and rising stars such as Hwang and Yoon and even T-Ara's Jiyeon were confirmed to be cast members.

「Death Bell」 which was released in the summer of 2008 and had brought in an audience of 1.8 million viewers! Would Death Bell be able to surpass the ratings of their prequel?