2010年4月28日 星期三

Female outsider E.Via released the butt "Shaking" MV!

This girl will sure get much attention with the release of this MV.

Despite her cute looks,her MV is more sexual than you can imagine.I guess people are paying more attention to the MV instead of the song.Fans are now wondering whether the MV will be banned or not,in my opinion it is difficult for the MV to be unbanned.

Anyway,for those who are interested to know more about the speedy female rapper,E.Via,this MV is a must watch!

Female rapper E.Via, most well known for her innocently cute looks that contrasts with her overtly sexual lyrics and music content, returns with a mini album and music video.

Her debut in 2009 was much sensationalized as her album 「Oppa Can I do It」 was banned from public promotion and given a 19+ rating. Needless to say, her current album, Must Have, could very well succumb to the same fate.

The music video for 「Shake」 is laden with provocative women, scantily clad and shaking their booties to the maximum. E.Via on the other hand, looks so much like a schoolgirl in her pigtails and loud speaker prop. 「Shake」 may just take you by surprise as E.Via shows off her ferocious rapping skills in this infectious dance-rap combo.

Track list:

01. 단백질 소녀 (Good Protein For You)
02. 쉐이크(Shake)!
03. 제보전화 (Feat.욕쟁이 요선생 )
04. 소녀의 순정 (Feat. Mad Clown)
05. 홍대앞에 오면(Call Me Up!)
06. 쉐이크(Shake)! (Instrumental)
07. 소녀의 순정 (Instrumental)
08. 홍대앞에 오면 (Call Me Up!) (Instrumental)