2010年4月27日 星期二

Kara takes on Japan signing with Universal Music Japan

KARA is going to prepare for a full scale debut in Japan signing under one of the largest recording label in Japan which is Universal Music Japan. KARA officially is signed under the recording label this April 28 and they will be managing KARA in Japan.

KARA are set to leave for Japan on May 7 because they will have a showcase and fan meeting on May 8 at Grand Prince Hotel in Japan that will hold about 8,000 fans. They will also hold another fan meeting in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall in Japan that will hold over 3,000 fans including their Official fan club in Japan.

Last February, KARA held their first showcase in Japan which was their debut in Japanese stage.

KARA will be helping spread the Korean Wave in Japan and also because they have attracted a lot of attention from their last appearance in Japan. There are a lot in store for Kara in Japan including activities and promotions, a lot of attention and high expectations are set on the girls now.

They are already planning on KARA's official debut in Japan.