2010年7月16日 星期五

Music Bank – July 16, 2010

Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) - Bbi Ri Bba Bba (Jul,16,10)

4Minute - I My Me Mine (Jul,16,10)

Son DamBi - Queen (Jul,16,10)

f(Krystal) - Film Shooting of "More Charming By The Day"!

Here are the new photos of f(x)'s maknae Krystal shooting for "More Charming By The Day",the girls were kept busy with some love calls for acting as well as endorsement although they are going hiatus temporarily from KPop!

T-Ara with Jin Hye Won

New photos of T-Ara with Jin HyeWon a.k.a. 'Little Goo Hara' were released and it seems like she is really close with her Sunbaes. Jin HyeWon is from the upcoming mixed 9-member group from Core Contents and the group is said to be made up of 4 female members and 5 male members.

I know the rumors about her replacing another T-Ara member were cleared before but if ever Core contents decide to add her on T-Ara would you support T-Ara and its 7 members?

BTS video of SeoHyun and Krystal's Clean & Clear CF!

Here is the BTS video of the latest Clean & Clear CF featuring Krystal and SeoHyun.

Please take a look at the scenes behind this cute CF!

4Minute says thank you to their Asian Fans!

4 Minute says thank you to their Asian Fans through this short but sweet video.

4 Minute's follow up single 'I my me mine' is doing great and it is receiving a lot of love from fans around Asia and of course from other non Asian countries as well.

f(x)'s Victoria and Luna pose with fans at StarKing Backstage!

Here is the latest photo taken at the backstage of StarKing.Victoria and Luna were seen posing with fans,are they special guests of the show?

I think we have to wait till this saturday to see what kind of performance are they going to show during that episode!

T-ara Jiyeon's main complaint? "Not having high school memories"!

T-ara's Jiyeon from the movie, "Death Bell 2" was found today imitating her high school life by eating both ddukboki (spicy rice cake) and eating tempura (?).

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jiyeon said to the reporter, "I'm hungry, can I not eat anything? I want to eat ddukboki," she said with a shy smile.

While eating she said, "In school with my friends, I used to always eat ddukboki after class and relax. I thought I'd like doing that again, but it's not easy to do anymore. After becoming an idol, there's no stop!"

Jiyeon made her debut as an idol at 16 year olds while in high school. At such a young age, she wasn't able to have experience a lot of things most kids her age do or have the same memories.

"All the friends I had in middle school are still my friends, but I do not get a chance to see them a lot. Because of my unique personality, I actually did not have a lot of friends. I always wanted to make more friends, I guess."

Jiyeon wasn't able to have a normal high school experience. 'School field trips' and 'retreats' were something she was never able to do or have memories of.

"I love my unnies (older sisters, aka T-ara) and my living quarters, but because I'm such a young age I never was able to go on school field trips with my friends. I've always wanted to visit a fun place on a school field trip. The two friends that will always be my friend are my brother and sister, we always talk."

Jiyeon said, "I'm happy I have a lot of memories with T-ara." Being a combination of an actress and a singer is not easy, but being the greedy high school girl she is, this is what she dreamed of becoming.

Currently, Jiyeon is promoting her movie, "Death Bell 2". It's scheduled to be released July 28th.

T-ara Jiyeon, "My schedule was murderous"!

T-ara's Jiyeon talks about the first half of 2010, the busiest time of her life.

At that time she was both shooting the KBS 2TV drama "God of Study" and busy doing activities promoting T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep". Her schedules began overlapping.

On this subject Jiyeon said, "I felt sorry towards my unnies the most," she said.

In a recent interview Jiyeon said, "It was a murderous schedule. 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' activities and 'God of Study' recording overlapped and there were many times I was unable to appear on stage as a T-ara member," she confessed.

"Everything was more difficult because of the scheduling," Jiyeon said, "The members felt sorry for the difficult time I was having. I couldn't even make rehearsal for dance practice a lot of times, or go up on stage which gave me a burden," she said feeling sorry for the other members.

Following, "We weren't living harmoniously/living the same schedule. A lot of times I was left alone and felt lonely and was sad about missing out on stuff. I couldn't even make the interviews because I needed to rest," she uttered with tears in her eyes.

Jiyeon being only 17 years of age, works nearly twice as much as adults. "But I knew I could not abandon my dream of acting. I wanted to somehow be recognized for it. I wanted to be able to showcase spectacular performances and give a 180 degree change in acting.

Jiyeon is currently promoting her new movie, "Death Bell 2". It's scheduled release is on the 28th of July.

IU sings for Road. No 1 OST

IU who has a sweet voice participates for the drama Road No. 1's OST. She sings a song called "Since I'm a woman" (여자라서).

Narsha has special genes that are only found in 10% of the country?

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha, who enjoys drinking alcohol beverage regularly, took a genetic test that discovered alcohol-related genes.

On tvN's 'Table Of God' that will be aired on the 14th at 11pm, Brown Eyed Girls members talked about their plans on how they will deal with their connections with alcohol and obesity related genes.

Narsha, who was known to have a 'craving of alcohol', was shocked with her results.
Narsha has surpassed Shin Dongyup and Jo Hongki, who are also known to be a drinker, and has claimed 1st place for 'Alcohol Cravings'.

On that day, Seoul University Gene Research Center expert revealed, "Narsha has special genes that are only found in 10% of the country" while he also reavealed about MC Shin Dongyup saying "Out of 100 people in the whole school, for drinking in his case he is in the top 10th" and caused everyone in the recording studio to burst out laughing.

The members of Brown Eyed Girls continued to reveal more of Narsha's drinking habits. Jea said, "when Narsha is drunk, she chases the other members around and confesses her love to them", while GaIn said "Narsha drinks alcoholic beverages in front of her computer as if its water, and she even drinks beer while we are in the van going home" shocking the viewers.

The other members also revealed GaIn's drinking habit saying, "When GaIn is drunk, she calls 2AM members Jokwon and Seulong whom she has close relations to."

In addition, each member revealed their secret on how they take care of their health. Miryo explained, "Since we often skip meals, I take lots of multi-vitamins, Omega-3, and antioxidants." Jea said, "evening primrose oil", while Narsha said "I often eat sea eels".
GaIn said, "I have eaten deer and gaesoju before".

(Evening Primrose Oil = Extracted from the seeds of the Evening Primrose plant. The roots, flowers, fruit, and seeds of Evening Primrose have been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for ages.
GaeSoju = Medicinal broth strained from dog meat cooked with various herbs.)

Kara's Seungyeon and Jiyoung are MCs for MBC Every1 "I Love Pet!"

Kara's Seungyeon and Jiyoung becomes MC of MBC Every1 new show I Love Pet. The first episode will airs on July 26th at 6PM KST.

Check out the preview below

SNSD's Yoona for Innisfree CF

SNSD's Yoona is becoming the new CF queen. Now, the Innisfree 50s CF has been revealed. In this CF we can see her true beauty that's why she became the model for this product. Here's the CF of Innisfree.

Jin Hyewon for Core Contents upcoming 9-member

『Little Goo Hara』 Jin HyeWon reveals new member to her upcoming group NamNyeoGongHak (남녀공학).
Their agency announced on 16th July, 「The new member to the group is Ryu HyoYeong, 18 years old, who had appeared on SBS Star King on 29th May introduced as Miss ChoonHyang.」
With that, Jin HyeWon and Ryu HyoYeong will be 2 of the 4 female members for the upcoming 9-member mixed group. The profile of the other members have yet been revealed.
At the same time, Core Contents Media also confirmed that Ryu HyoYeong's twin sister Ryu HwaYeong will join T-ara as the 7th member.

Dambi wants a Bad Guy

『Sexy queen』 Son DamBi reveals that she wishes to date bad guys.

She had revealed the type of guys she wishes to date during her guest appearances on KBS late night variety show 『Night Star』 to be aired on 18th July at 11.15pm.

She said, 「The guys whom I have been dating so far have been kind guys. Recently I felt the charms of bad guys, and I wish to try date one.」

Meanwhile, Onew revealed that when he think of Son DamBi he think of 『shoulders』, because she have wide shoulders. Son DamBi also revealed that did swimming and tennis when she was young. Other keywords related to her include 『sexy』, 『pretty』 and 『chair』 etc.

Also on the show, MC Shin DongYeop asked, 「Do you like drinking?」. Son DamBi answered, 「It is not that I don't drink. I like drinking makgeolri amongst the alocholic drinks.」

After School's Park Kahi Becomes A Radio DJ

Recently, the sexy leader of After School, Park Kahi has replaced Jung GaEun』s place as a radio DJ after she fainted from overworking.

According to After School's management, Park Kahi is now a radio DJ for SBS program 『Jung GaEun's Sweet Music Box』.
Even though the decision was sudden, Park Kahi's talent is recognized since she has been showing her talking skills in variety shows. Besides that, becoming a radio DJ was also her dream. Therefore, she promised to show her best in this field.
Her management added, 「Rather than her sexy and charismatic image, she will take Jung GaEun's position with a more easy-going, friendly image.」
Hopefully Jung GaEun will get a good rest before resuming her work. Congratulations and good luck Park Kahi!

KARA Releases 『Mister』 MV Teaser

With the launching if their career in Japan, KARA releases their MV teaser for their hit single Mister!

It is known that Mister will be KARA's promoting single in Japan as they officially make their debut statement this August. Care for some sushi with KARA?

M!Countdown Performances 15th July,2010


4Minute- I My Me Mine

Top Groups and Artists in Korea With Perfect Physical Features

A beauty salon in Korea recently conducted a study on the singers with the 「best」 physical features and overall image. 3,000 celebrities from 128 different entertainment companies were ranked in this study. Facial features, weight, and height were taken into account to determine the most 「perfect」 artists. So who made the list?

Let's start with groups that reached the perfection level in terms of their physical appearance.
In fifth place came rising group T-ara, who took on the cute and sexy image in the past with their hit songs. In fourth place is KARA, which consists of goddess Gyuri and others like bubbly Nicole. SHINee landed in third place while the rising gods of the East, DBSK, came in second place. Their fellow labelmate Super Junior was named as the top group with overflowing perfection from head to toe!

Now lets look at the individual celebrities that also made the list. Although the poll was made for artists, I guess the people conducting the study couldn't leave out some actors as well!

In tenth place came DBSK's leader Yunho, who is currently preparing for the musical Goong. In ninth and eighth place are 2PM's Thai prince Nichkhun and F4's pretty boy Kim Bum respectively. In seventh place is actor Yoo SeungHo from Queen Seon Duk and God of Study.

Super Junior's Kim KiBum landed in sixth place while SS501's leader Kim HyunJoong came ahead in fifth place! Heechul nabbed the fourth place position and popular actor Lee MinHo from Boys Before Flowers and Personal Taste arrived at third place.

Siwon came in second place as the celebrity who has reached 「perfection」. However, the first place winner was none other than Jaejoong, whose pretty face and toned body are making girls all over the world swoon.

So what do you guys think? Are these results accurate or not?

T-ara Gets a New Member and New Leader

When Core Contents Media announced that T-ara would be going through some big changes in the near future, they really meant it!

T-ara will now be a seven member group as Ryu HwaYoung, a seventeen year old high school student, is the group's newest addition. Ryu HwaYoung will be replacing Jiyeon as the new maknae of T-ara. This isn't the first time that the public has met HwaYoung, as she already made an appearance on an SBS variety show back in the end of May. In addition, HwaYoung as well as her twin sister HyoYoung are quite popular on the internet. The two also participated in this year's Gaya contest.

Along with the news of a new member, T-ara's leader will not be Eunjung anymore. The new leader of T-ara will be Boram.

All of these changes were not easily decided, as T-ara and the staff held a meeting that lasted for a duration of five to six hours. There were split opinions and it was difficult to come to such decisions.

Everyone is probably shocked with these two announcements, but let's all continue to support T-ara as these changes were made to bring more success to the group in the future.

SNSD's Yoona in Rome

Photos of SNSD's Yoona in Italy has been garnering much interest amongst netizens.
These photos were posted through an internet portal site with the title of 『Yoona enjoying a vacation in Italy』. They have been catching the attention of netizens as they look like they are from a photoshoot.

In the photo, Yoona and her older sister can be seen enjoying their vacation, posing cutely on the streets of Rome.

Some netizens questioned these photos by saying, 「Are you sure this isn't a paparazzi-themed photoshoot?」 Others commented, 「There was a reason why they say that her daily life is like a photoshoot,」 and, 「After Kim HyunJoong became a 『walking sculpture』, a 『walking doll』 has been born.」

Kara's Japanese Album Goes On Sale

After teasing us with a 30-second video of the Japanese version of 『Mister,』 the girls of Kara are ready to officially begin their promotions in Japan!
Towards the end of this month, Kara will be leaving their native country for Japan. During this time, the girls plan on appearing on Japanese local programs so you won't miss seeing their beautiful faces too much! In addition to this, they will also be holding a mini live concert at Shinmokjang Studio, followed by a brief handshaking event. In
The girls previously got their name spread around the country by meeting with and shaking the hands of more than 8,000 fans back in May, which will certainly give them a boost as they attempt to dominate Japanese music charts.
In addition, the girls' Japanese album recently went on sale, so make sure to grab a copy before it's too late!

Which SBS 『Heroes』 Members Are the Most Popular?

The newest girl group variety show 『Heroes』 has its first episode coming up.
『Heroes』 has taken it's place to air after 『Running Man』 every Sunday, and will air its pilot episode on the 18th. 『Heroes』 will have Noh SaYeon and Seo InYoung as the head members, and will consist of 12 other female celebrities. The 12 members being Lee Jin, Shin BongSun, Jung GaEun, Hong SooAh, IU, Yoo InNa, Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha, After School's Kahi, Kara's Nicole, and T-ara's Jiyeon.

The show will have Lee HwiJae and Noh HongChul as the MCs. The two divided the show's members into a 『popular team』 and 『unpopular team』 as their first task on the show. At first, the members seemed to be taken aback, but soon were curious as to who was in which team.
The members ranking from 1~6 in popularity were put in the 『popular team』 and the 7~12 members into the 『unpopular team』. While the members' ranks were revealed, they couldn't hide their disappointment, and some their happiness, showing their honest feelings.
As soon as the girls met, they battled it out to see which was the most charming, introducing a new girl variety show.
This episode is scheduled to air on the 18th at 6:40 pm (KST).

Son Dambi Releases Version 2 of 『Queen』 MV

Soon after the release of her third mini-album, singer Son Dambi found herself faced with an artist』s worst nightmare – accusations of plagiarism, which were said to be evident in her music video for 『Queen.』 To patch up the matter, Pledis Entertainment decided to unleash a second version of the MV, and so here it is, in all its glory!

So what's so different about this new music video? Pledis Entertainment attempted to calm down those who found themselves outraged at what they saw in the first version by removing the scenes which were said to have been plagiarized.
Hopefully, the issue has been fixed so that listeners may enjoy both the music and Son Dambi's glistening beauty in this new video.

Why Were Changes Made to T-ara?

Fans were very shocked to hear of the changes in girl group T-ara, which mainly consisted of adding a new member and passing on the title of leader to Boram. A representative for the girls was selected to come out and explain the reasoning behind the changes to the group.

It was first stated that because T-ara now had a new member, the girls should now be able to perform on stage more effectively. The girls will also receive lighter schedules if it is determined that they are becoming too stressed out. What's even more exciting for fans is that T-ara's entertainment company hinted at the possibility of individual activities for the members in the future since they're getting so big!

The representative went on to say that 「Hyomin is preparing for a drama shoot and future individual activities. In this case, it means [that the] girls can't regularly be on stage or record often, or else members would be missing and that's why we recruited a new member to hold activities and keep interests in T-ara [high, instead of being in dramas or movies.]」

President Kim Kwangsoo also revealed that the seven girls together will be working together to create their next album. 「T-ara's album title song has not yet been decided, but as before, it'll be different from before and a concept that the new member also fits in,」 he stated.
We'll all be looking forward to seeing what all seven girls have to offer when the time comes for them to promote their new album!

4Minute Teases With 『Superstar』

A 4Minute video teaser recently surfaced the net, showing a backwards countdown clock leading up to 7.19, the release date of Superstar.
While currently promoting with I My Me Mine from their latest mini-album, fans online have been left speculating to what exactly Superstar is. From a repackaged album to a new song, fans online have nonetheless expressed their excitement and great anticipation. According to, 『Superstar』 will to be the girls』 newest single and is set to be released in a few days on the 19th of July.

2010年7月11日 星期日

SNSD Seohyun & f(x) Krystal for new Clean & Clear CF

New Clean & Clear CF starring SNSD Seohyun & f(x) Krystal.
Both of them sure have good skin to promote Clean & Clear.

On the set of SBS variety segment "Hero Girls"

"Everyone! Which singer are you expecting to see?" the show's emcee No Hong-chul asked Korea's national women's rugby team with an air of triumph, as if he has a joker up his sleeve as a hidden card. With boy band MBLAQ already having heated up the atmosphere with their performance, it would have been difficult to create a bigger impact on the set with just a so-and-so singer.

But No Hong-chul's confidence was actually worth a nod of understanding. For it was none other than Big Bang member Taeyang who got called into Incheon's Songdo district on an already dark night. The problem was, the nodding reporter as well as the national women's rugby team were already looking at him. "Taeyang!", "Ah, how did you know that? Ah, you can see him." However, knowing about Taeyang's appearance beforehand does not mean that his performance would shine any less. Moreover, it surely does not pale the efforts made by the "Hero Girls/Heroes" team of SBS variety show "Happy Sunday," who rushed to get Taeyang to perform on the show for the national women's rugby team.

The premiere episode of variety segment "Heroes/Hero Girls" was an opportunity to cheer for the national women's rugby team, who sweat to prepare for July's world championship games in a country that has almost no infrastructure for the sport. So even if the captain of the rugby team was lucky enough to get to kiss Taeyang's cheek that day, we - being the generous readers that we are - shall show our dignity and just let it go. Oh, this remark is not something directed at our editor-in-chief.

Jiyeon, 'I had a hard time filming Death Bell 2.'

Just fresh from finishing her recording of 'Death Bell 2', T-ara's Jiyeon talks about the hardships she faced while filming for the movie.

She talks about the comparisons made by people among her and Death Bell 1's female lead Nam Gyu-ri. She explains, "Because I'm one of the leads, I feel alot of burden. I don't take any scene light-heartedly or lackadaisically. I knew from the start I will be compared to Nam Gyu-ri-sunbaenim*, because she was the female lead in the first installment of Death Bell, and she won an award for her spectacular acting. Sometimes, I already memorize the scene because we will repeat it for about 10 times."

Jiyeon, who already had debuted in previous dramas prior to her debut in T-ara, most notably in MBC's Hon(Soul) says even with T-ara's busy schedule, she had to sacrifice sleep just to film. She has missed a couple of T-ara's group performance because of her filming.

Meanwhile, Death Bell 2 will be released nation-wide in South Korea on July 28th. It will also be shown in Taiwan and Hongkong in different film festivals.

f(x) released new Ottogi Ppusyeo Ppusyeo CF!

f(x) has gained much fame with theri latest hit song Nu Abo and of course they are receiving a lot of love calls these days.

The girls have released the latest version of Ottogi Pusyeo Pusyeo MV,please enjoy the cute CF here!

Best actors/actresses amongst idols

1. Taeyeon SNSD (9489 votes - 34%)
2. Onew Shinee (9331 votes - 33.4%)
3. Yoona SNSD (2221 votes - 8%)
4. Kibum Super Junior (1705 - 6.1%)
5. Sooyoung SNSD (908 votes - 3.3%)
6. Taecyeon 2pm (742 votes - 2.7%)
7. Jessica SNSD (663 votes - 2.4%)
8. Siwon Super Junior (483 - 1.7%)
9. Heechul Super Junior (375 - 1.3%)
10. Micky Yoochun TVXQ (285 votes - 1%)
11. Sungmin Super Junior (278 votes - 1%)
12. Yesung Super Junior (225 votes - 0.9%)
13. Kim Jaejoong TVXQ (186 votes - 0.7%)
14. Kim Hyun Joong SS501 (159 votes - 0.6%)
15. Lee Hongki FT Island (132 votes - 0.5%)
16. Jung Yonghwa CN Blue (111 votes - 0.4%)
17. TOP Big Bang (110 votes - 0.4%)
18. Choikang Changmin TVXQ (91 votes - 0.3%)
19. Uee After School (61 votes - 0.2%)
20. Daesung Big Bang (51 votes - 0.2%)

T-Ara Jiyeon and Yoon Si Yoon Pictures

Jiyeon and Yoon Si Yoon's photos were revealed on the net showing their bond and friendship. These two have worked together before through T-Ara's 'Bubi Bubi' CF and also through the sitcom 'High Kick' in which Jiyeon had a cameo role.

This two are also part of the main cast of the much awaited movie 'Death Bell 2' which will be out on theaters this July.

Narsha becomes the guest and the DJ on radio show!

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha was the DJ and the guest at the same time on a radio show attracting much attention.

Narsha was recently in the July 9 broadcast of KBS Radio "Raise the volume" where she was a special guest and she showed excellent live performance on the show.

DJ narsha also captivated the listeners as she performed live, she sung "Im in love" and "Fantastic" where her live performance got a hot response from the audience.

Meanwhile, Narsha had her solo debut on the 8th and will be promoting her first solo mini album.

4Minute's Japanese Producer Talks About Their Upcoming Single

Recently, more and more KPOP groups are debuting and making activities on Japan, including our very own, 4Minute as well as KARA. With regards to the increasing interest of Japanese citizens towards KPOP, a show interviewed 4Minute's Producer in Japan, Mr. Suzuki, about his views on the group's debut and their music. 

He thought that the melodious Japanese music and the powerful and cheerful Korean sound may cause a "chemical reaction" or a new change in the Japanese music scene.

He used to be a banker for a year and a half after university, and entered into music scene afterwards, where he became popular by making a music group, Def Tech, successful in 2005. He is in charge of K-pop boom in Japan.

On the near end, Mr. Suzuki interviewed some fans and attempted to ascertain how to modify K-pop music more familiar and easier to enjoy for Japanese listeners. Also, he tried to interview some fans with regards to how they find 4minute's Japanese debut single - Muzik. The first fan said that it's fine for her whether a Korean song will be translated to Japanese. However, the other fan answered that listening to the same songs which only differs in language, and to the fact that she's already used to hearing it in Korean, makes the song sound strange. After hearing the fans' answers, he planned and tried to figure out what to do in order to make their upcoming single more successful than the first one. He discussed it with the other staff, including people from CUBE Entertainment, that made him have his visit on 2010's Dream concert and was able to see the girls perform live on stage hearing a huge number of fans screaming and cheering for them.

After School's Kahi shows her support for Son Dambi's comeback

Son Dambi just completed her first round of comeback performances this week and her fellow Pledis Entertainment sisters have supported her throughout.

Earlier today After School's Kahi tweeted,

「I came to cheer on Dambi h h SsonDdang said I didn』t make it for the recording of Queen… Saying that they prerecorded it at 9am… Are you kidding me!! k k Please love our Dambi a lot~~ You really are a queen!! Fighting」

Other After School members also cheered on Son Dambi earlier this week through their respective Twitters and me2days.

UEE: 「Finally!!!!!^^Dambi-unni who I really really like and really really want to be like is making her comeback today!!!!^^pitapat*^^*Fighting!!!^^♥」

Raina: 「In the middle of Dambi-unni』s first broadcast recording!! Fighting!! ^^」

Lizzy: 「Came to cheer on Dambi-unni on her first broadcast. Unni do well, fighting」

There seems to be a trend of entertainment families supporting each other lately. For instance, YG Entertainment family supporting Taeyang's comeback, JYP Entertainment family supporting miss A's debut, CUBE Entertainment family supporting G.NA prior to her debut, and the list goes on.

Yoona revealed bare face and eating cut on Family Outing!

Have been away from the KPop world for quite a few days already and rarely have time to blog these days.

Found 2 latest video cut of SNSD's Yoona on the latest episode of Family Outing,she revealed her bare face her and she is absolutely cute with her eating habit.

Check out the videos here

Taeyang and Yuri Went On a Blind Date?

Although Big Bang's Taeyang made have never had a girlfriend before, he certainly has gone on a date with a beautiful woman! On the latest episode of SBS 『Strong Heart,』 which will be broadcast to the public on the 20th, the boy who needs a girl confessed to have gone on a blind date with SNSD's Yuri.

Fellow Big Bang member Seungri who also attended the recording initiated the conversation, saying, 「It seems like Taeyang wants a girlfriend. He didn't tell any of [his fellow Big Bang] members and went to SNSD's concert by himself.」 Taeyang then honestly explained what happened: 「While I was making my album, I wasn't able to go out and put my all into working [so I attended the concert instead.] I must have looked really tired as a friend told me, 『[Yuri] has a good personality, and I think it'd be good if you guys [became] friends,』 and set up the blind date.」

Continuing on with the story, Taeyang spoke of the actual date and said, 「When I arrived at the meeting point, SNSD's Yuri was there. We still contact each other and are close friends,」 which surprised many listeners in the studio. He also added that if he 「was actually dating Yuri, [he] would not be able to reveal [their] relationship,」 which must have relieved the hearts of many listening fangirls. 「I hope others just see as good colleagues,」 he added.

The story then took on a more interesting turn, as he expressed his worries of having the maknae of Big Bang discover his relationship with Yuri. 「After seeing Seungri become close with Yuri, [since] they are classmates, I got a bit worried that he would find out about our relationship,」 he confessed.

A Questionable Bottle Found in SeungYeon's Room

A questionable bottle was found in Kara's Han SeungYeon's room.
On the 11th, Kara was chosen as the main guests for SBS 『HaHa Mong Show』.

HaHa and MC Mong visited Kara's 3-month old dorm, inspecting each of the rooms of Gyuri, Nicole, SeungYeon, Hara, and JiYoung.
SeungYeon's pink room had unusual items, such as her personal rice cooker and side dishes, making her seem like the queen of housekeeping.
HaHa and MC Mong soon learned that SeungYeon's father is well-known for making swords, and had no thoughts of leaving after finding a sword that was made as a gift for her in her room.

After inspecting her room some more, MC Mong found a questionable bottle. SeungYeon seemed flustered and was busy trying to explain the reason behind the bottle. HaHa and MC Mong caused laughter in the room by saying, 「Girl idols have secrets, too.」

This episode is scheduled to air on the 11th at 10:45 am (KST).

Teen Top Unveils Teaser Feat. After School's Lizzy

We have heard much about them lately and it's about time that they reveal their MV teaser so we can catch a glimpse on what they have to offer. Check out new rookie group Teen Top's teaser with After School Lizzy!

SNSD For Domino's Pizza

Near the end of June, it was announced that SNSD would be endorsing Domino's Pizza, and just today, a short CF of the girls was released! Check it out under the cut.

IU Shows Off Her Broken Trophy

IU has been garnering attention after posting a photo of herself holding her broken trophy, looking as if she is about to cry.

On the 7th, IU posted two photos on her mini homepage showing off the trophy she won on KBS 2TV 『Music Bank』.

In the photo, IU looks like she's about to cry with her broken trophy. She wrote, 「Ah, I dropped it. ㅠ.ㅠ.」 The second photo shows her kissing the broken trophy while holding it together. She didn't forget to leave a cute message reading, 「Yahp! Re-attaching it ㅋㅋ.」

Netizens commented, 「Oh no, it's your first trophy too,」 「It's okay, you can win first place again,」 and, 「You look cute even when you look like you're about to cry.」

Meanwhile, IU has been promoting her duet song, 『Nagging』, with 2AM's Im Seulong.