2010年7月16日 星期五

Top Groups and Artists in Korea With Perfect Physical Features

A beauty salon in Korea recently conducted a study on the singers with the 「best」 physical features and overall image. 3,000 celebrities from 128 different entertainment companies were ranked in this study. Facial features, weight, and height were taken into account to determine the most 「perfect」 artists. So who made the list?

Let's start with groups that reached the perfection level in terms of their physical appearance.
In fifth place came rising group T-ara, who took on the cute and sexy image in the past with their hit songs. In fourth place is KARA, which consists of goddess Gyuri and others like bubbly Nicole. SHINee landed in third place while the rising gods of the East, DBSK, came in second place. Their fellow labelmate Super Junior was named as the top group with overflowing perfection from head to toe!

Now lets look at the individual celebrities that also made the list. Although the poll was made for artists, I guess the people conducting the study couldn't leave out some actors as well!

In tenth place came DBSK's leader Yunho, who is currently preparing for the musical Goong. In ninth and eighth place are 2PM's Thai prince Nichkhun and F4's pretty boy Kim Bum respectively. In seventh place is actor Yoo SeungHo from Queen Seon Duk and God of Study.

Super Junior's Kim KiBum landed in sixth place while SS501's leader Kim HyunJoong came ahead in fifth place! Heechul nabbed the fourth place position and popular actor Lee MinHo from Boys Before Flowers and Personal Taste arrived at third place.

Siwon came in second place as the celebrity who has reached 「perfection」. However, the first place winner was none other than Jaejoong, whose pretty face and toned body are making girls all over the world swoon.

So what do you guys think? Are these results accurate or not?