2010年7月8日 星期四

The Revolt of After School's Lizzy?

After spreading the happy virus all over Korea with their cute, bubbly appearance, Orange Caramel has now captured the attention of netizens with their comical photos.

On the 1st, Nana posted a photo of herself playing around with their youngest member, Lizzy, on her me2day. She wrote, 「Scary Lizzy.. ^^,」 and added another photo of themselves with cute expressions.

Netizens who saw the photos teased and cheered the members on by commenting, 「Nana and Lizzy seem to be close,」 「There's a chance that Lizzy is the leader. Lizzy, fighting!」

Orange Caramel is currently promoting heir title single 『Magic Girl』. They are also showing off their various charms through the new reality program 『After School's Playgirlz School』.