2010年7月4日 星期日

Kim Heechul Poses With SNSD's Yuri

Super Junior's Kim Heechul recently complimented SNSD Yuri's skin.

On the 3rd, Kim Heechul posted a photo of himself with Yuri on his Twitter.

Kim Heechul gave an odd comparison of Yuri's skin by writing, 「The universe's best chocolate colored beauty. On stage, Yuri shows off her charms like 99.9% cacao, but becomes clean and white like milk chocolate on variety shows.」

Kim Heechul added a witty comment saying, 「I am currently getting a confirmation from this kid (Yuri) for my comment.」

Many netizens commented, 「The best beauty, Yuri~,」 「Both of you are so cute,」 and, 「Heechul with skin like milk, and Yuri with skin like chocolate.」

Super Junior is currently promoting their single 『No Other』, following up their previous single, 『BONAMANA』.