2010年7月16日 星期五

SNSD's Yoona in Rome

Photos of SNSD's Yoona in Italy has been garnering much interest amongst netizens.
These photos were posted through an internet portal site with the title of 『Yoona enjoying a vacation in Italy』. They have been catching the attention of netizens as they look like they are from a photoshoot.

In the photo, Yoona and her older sister can be seen enjoying their vacation, posing cutely on the streets of Rome.

Some netizens questioned these photos by saying, 「Are you sure this isn't a paparazzi-themed photoshoot?」 Others commented, 「There was a reason why they say that her daily life is like a photoshoot,」 and, 「After Kim HyunJoong became a 『walking sculpture』, a 『walking doll』 has been born.」