2010年7月4日 星期日

Nichkhun Thinks Victoria's Accent is Cute

2PM Nichkhun and f(x) Victoria had their first meeting on the broadcast show MBC We Got Married.

Upon hearing Victoria's awkward Korean accent, Nichkhun thinks his wife is very cute. On this week's broadcast of We Got Married, the couple enjoyed a nice date, which showed how Nichkhun is used to the streets and places in Korea, while it is still awkward for his wife Victoria.
Victoria, tried to explain something to her husband in her awkward Korean sentences, however Nichkhun couldn't understand very well and just smiled and laughed. Nichkhun said 「Your awkward Korean is very cute」, to his wife Victoria.

In his interview, he said, 「When I first came to Korea, I spoke Korean awkwardly as well, and people would always say it was cute. But I got so mad, because I was frustrated because I didn't understand what they meant. But now, looking at Victoria, I can understand」.

The couple enjoyed a nice first date, eating Victoria's favorite food, pork belly. Nichkhun showed off his gentlemanly side and Victoria with her lady-like manners. After dinner, the couple went to go Karaoke, where Nichkhun serenaded his lovely wife with the song 『Nothing Better』 by Brown Eyed Soul.