2010年7月11日 星期日

A Questionable Bottle Found in SeungYeon's Room

A questionable bottle was found in Kara's Han SeungYeon's room.
On the 11th, Kara was chosen as the main guests for SBS 『HaHa Mong Show』.

HaHa and MC Mong visited Kara's 3-month old dorm, inspecting each of the rooms of Gyuri, Nicole, SeungYeon, Hara, and JiYoung.
SeungYeon's pink room had unusual items, such as her personal rice cooker and side dishes, making her seem like the queen of housekeeping.
HaHa and MC Mong soon learned that SeungYeon's father is well-known for making swords, and had no thoughts of leaving after finding a sword that was made as a gift for her in her room.

After inspecting her room some more, MC Mong found a questionable bottle. SeungYeon seemed flustered and was busy trying to explain the reason behind the bottle. HaHa and MC Mong caused laughter in the room by saying, 「Girl idols have secrets, too.」

This episode is scheduled to air on the 11th at 10:45 am (KST).