2010年7月11日 星期日

4Minute's Japanese Producer Talks About Their Upcoming Single

Recently, more and more KPOP groups are debuting and making activities on Japan, including our very own, 4Minute as well as KARA. With regards to the increasing interest of Japanese citizens towards KPOP, a show interviewed 4Minute's Producer in Japan, Mr. Suzuki, about his views on the group's debut and their music. 

He thought that the melodious Japanese music and the powerful and cheerful Korean sound may cause a "chemical reaction" or a new change in the Japanese music scene.

He used to be a banker for a year and a half after university, and entered into music scene afterwards, where he became popular by making a music group, Def Tech, successful in 2005. He is in charge of K-pop boom in Japan.

On the near end, Mr. Suzuki interviewed some fans and attempted to ascertain how to modify K-pop music more familiar and easier to enjoy for Japanese listeners. Also, he tried to interview some fans with regards to how they find 4minute's Japanese debut single - Muzik. The first fan said that it's fine for her whether a Korean song will be translated to Japanese. However, the other fan answered that listening to the same songs which only differs in language, and to the fact that she's already used to hearing it in Korean, makes the song sound strange. After hearing the fans' answers, he planned and tried to figure out what to do in order to make their upcoming single more successful than the first one. He discussed it with the other staff, including people from CUBE Entertainment, that made him have his visit on 2010's Dream concert and was able to see the girls perform live on stage hearing a huge number of fans screaming and cheering for them.