2010年7月11日 星期日

Kara's Seungyeon Turned Down 『Itazura Na Kiss』 Female Lead Role?

A new acting career would be a great opportunity for Kara's Seungyeon, but sadly, a problem arises at the negotiating table.
A few days ago, we reported about two female front-runners (Han Seungyeon and Park ShinHye) for the Korean remake of the Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss). This time, it looks like one candidate is dropping out of the short-list of female lead roles.
According to DSP Entertainment, Seungyeon and the rest of the members of Kara will be making their debut in Japan this coming August. Kara's management added,
「Although being included in a drama is a good opportunity, the debut of KARA has already been promised to their Japanese fans and they [KARA] do not want to break their promise.  Debuting abroad is about good timing, and we have been preparing hard for their debut in Japan for a long time.」
Due to Kara's upcoming Japanese debut and conflicting schedules, Seungyeon's chance on stepping up her acting career is getting blurry. As we all know, most people can sing and dance at the same time, but when it comes to complicated multi-tasking, it's not as simple as flicking a wand.
Now that there is only a slim possibility that the idol singer will take part in the upcoming romantic-comedy remake, who could be Kim HyunJoong's leading lady?

Hmm, guess we'll have to wait and see.