2010年7月6日 星期二

Personal Taste Reunion!

The much loved 『Pumpkin Couple』 of the drama Personal Taste reunited after a month.
The production staff, directors, and of course Lee MinHo and Son YeJin gathered together to film a directors commentary and interview for the DVD box set Personal Taste. The 『Pumpkin Couple』 Lee MinHo and Son YeJin were very excited to see each other after a month and so were the Jung SungHwa and Wang JiHye couple. Personal Taste has been given high interest, especially in Japan where it is ranked 2nd among Korean dramas, next to the very famous Winter Sonata.

In the upcoming DVD, there will be personal interviews of actors and a directors commentary, which is the first time for a drama. The DVD for Personal Taste will be available online starting in August and will be available to over 80 countries. The DVD will be available in Hong Kong in July, Taiwan in September, and Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines will have them later this year. Personal Taste grabbed amazing ratings of 17% and earned over $80 000 US.