2010年5月31日 星期一

SNSD SPAO Pictures

Did you like Tiffany, Yuri and Sunny's photo from SPAO's World Cup themed shirts which i have posted here before?

If your answer is yes i bet you would like this next set of pictures even more, here comes Yoona and Taeyeon's photos for SPAO's World Cup themed shirts.

But wait there's more!!! Here are SNSD's photos wearing SPAO's new summer outfits.

Bonus Picture SNSD w/ Super Junior...

SNSD has finished their Run Devil Run promotions and they are currently on a break. They are also busy preparing for their next Asia Tour Concert which will be on Bangkok Thailand.

Tae Yeon at Midnight Sun dinner!

I think you guys must have missed SNSD a lot since their goodbye stage a few weeks ago.

Tae Yeon who is currently a member of musical Midnight Sun was spotted at the dinner of Musical Sun recently.Will update with more photos when they are available!!

2010年5月30日 星期日

Uee Birdie Buddy Pictures

Lately UEE has been missing in action in almost all of After School's promotional activities she didn't even made it to the Dream Concert 2010, that's because she is busy with her new career and that is...

to be a Professional Golf player???

No No No just kidding, she is busy filming her drama "Birdie Buddy" and here are some photos from this upcoming drama.

Sulli and Amber posed with Shaky E.Via!

f(x)'s Sulli and Amber posed with female rapper E.Via!

For those who do not know who E.Via is,she is actually a female rapper who has just released her new single "Shake"a few weeks ago,she was known by people as the female Outsider .She looks really cute here posing with Sulli and Amber.

Here is the E.Via show with Music Bank 0528

Park Si Yeon & T-ara's Eunjung- 'Shooting,it so funny'

Park Si Yeon & T-ara Eunjung was on the set of "Coffee House". In the shooting site, They were smiling away.

It seem like the shooting of "Coffee House" , the shooting site is hilarious. Yearning to watch "Coffee House"

Preview of Female Idols at Dream Team!

Here is the preview clip of female idols in the upcoming episode of Dream Team.KARA's Nicole,SNSD's Hyo Yeon,After School's Jung Ah and f(x)'s Krystal will appear in this episode.

The girls went through some intensive training before the episode and it seems that they have undergone a lot of hardship during the training,check out the preview clip here!

Yoona speaks in cantonese!!??

Yoona speaks cantonese,you must be kidding...

Yeah,she spoke cantonese in the latest episode of Family Outing.Wonder Girls' Hae Rim came from Hong Kong and she taught Yoona how to say "Let's Eat Together" in cantonese.

It seems that Yoona is pretty satisfied with her cantonese and she repeated it various times after learning it!

f(x) updated random photos on Me2day!

f(x)'s girls updated some cute random photos on their Me2day recently.

They are being random this time sharing some photos taken at work.My favourite here is the one where Amber poses with SNSD's yoona and the one where Sulli tries to kiss Victoria.

Dream Concert 2010 Performances

If you had been wondering why your weekly dose of Inkigayo was missing today; well its because the 2010 Dream Concert was finally aired to the public in its place. The performance took place on the 22nd of may and despite the light drizzle of rain the fan clubs still turned up in force to support their favourite artits. The show ran smoothly thanks to their 3 brilliant Mcs Heechul, Shin Se Kyung and Taecyeon.

Now i bet your wondering who was included in the line up of this concert that over 40,000 people attended. The concert included performances from 2PM, SS501, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, KARA, SNSD, CN.Blue, MBLAQ, BEAST, ZE:A, f(x), SHINee, T-ara, Rain, Lee Hyori, After School, F.cuz, Rainbow, Davichi, U-Kiss and 4minute.

Despite performing at the concert both J-Tunes and DSP had requested for Rain and SS501's performances not to be broadcasted unfortunately, However we still get to enjoy the other amazing performances.


f(X)- Nu Abo

CN.Blue- I'm A Loner + Love

SHINee- Ring Ding Dong

T-ara-We Are The One

4Minute- Who's Next ft Beast + Huh

Wonder Girls- 2 Different Tears

SNSD-Intro+ Run Devil Run + Oh

RDR 被申訴影片掛了.... = =||

After School- Bang + Diva

Kara- We With You + Lupin

Lee Hyori- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Davichi- Time Please Stop


After School's JooYeon, f(x)'s Victoria, and Kim Sori Confirmed for Invincible Youth

Fans are making some noise as the popular show KBS Invincible Youth officially released the names of the new members of the G7 crew: After School's JooYeon, f(x)'s Victoria, and Kim Sori.

These three ladies will be replacing the outgoing members SNSD's Yuri & Sunny and 4minute's HyunA.

A representative stated, 「Victoria, JooYeon, and Kim Sori will join as the second-generation members, and they are scheduled to start promotions through Invincible Youth.」

JooYeon, of After School, has always shown self-constraint, but she will be revealing more of herself through Invincible Youth. Kim Sori, although not as widely known, is a musical actress, known from her musical The B-Boy Loving Ballerina, who has been doing ballet since her elementary school years. She just released her first album and is trying to gain recognition as a singer. Victoria, who has just started to enter the variety show scene, has impressed countless people with her amazing flexibility and her slightly 4-D quirkiness.

The new members will bring a new flavor to the show as Sunny, Yuri, and HyunA leave for overseas promotions.

Amber Wishes YoonA a Happy Birthday

Showing off the ever expanding SM Town love, f(x)'s Amber uploaded a picture of her and SNSD's YoonA on her Me2Day in commemoration of YoonA's 20th birthday!

After uploading a cute picture of the two backstage, Amber wrote on her Me2Day, 「Everyone, have you congratulated YoonA on her birthday? If you didn't, do it with me. YoonA unnie, happy birthday,」 and followed it sweetly with, 「Thank you for always taking care of me. I hope you had a great birthday.」

Let's follow suit and wish YoonA a happy birthday!

4Minute to Release a New Japanese Single!

Earlier this year, 4Minute released the Japanese version of Muzik. Japanese fans can be relieved as 4Minute is not completely gone from the Japanese music scene; the group will be releasing a new Japanese single this summer!

4Minute is set to release the highly anticipated single on July 28. It has not been decided if an entirely new song will be made or if the Japanese single will be a remake of one of 4Minute』s Korean songs.

On a side note, 4Minute recently made their comeback with HUH (Hit Your Heart), and the girls have been promoting on various music stations.

JoKwon and GaIn Finally Bought their Couple Ring

JoKwon of 2AM and GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls finally bought their couple ring. On the latest episode of Family Outgoing 2, JoKwon showed the couple ring he bought with GaIn. This couple surfaces through We Got Married last August and there are rumors that they are actually dating.

Also in this episode, Wonder Girls appeared as guests. This was the first TV program Wonder Girls filmed after their arrival.

Yoona Wants to Have a Fake Marriage With 2PM's Taecyeon?

On the May 30 episode of SBS 『Family Outing 2,』 the Wonder Girls were invited to guest star on the show as part of a 『memorable student field trip special.』 The girls invited a lot of attention when member Sohee finally met show co-star Heechul, who is known for being a fan of the mandoo-cheeked idol.

In addition, the Wonder Girls caused further commotion when they confidently marched up to Taecyeon and asked, 『Who do you like the best among the SNSD members?』 Embarrassed, Taecyeon answered that he had 「liked Yuri first,」 to which Sunye replied, 「That's not true!」

The Wonderful leader went on to say that Taecyeon had in fact 「liked Yoona from the very beginning,」 which she knew due to being in the same company as the rapper for 2PM. Taecyeon then came clean and admitted that he had in fact 「liked Yoona at the very beginning, and [likes] her the most even now.」 Curious, the Family Outing 2 cast turned to Yoona and asked her to name the idol whom she would like to have a fake marriage with if she could.

Yoona created quite an awkward atmosphere – and perhaps the possibility of a great scandal! – when she replied, 「It's embarrassing that no one chose Taecyeon [before me….] I'll choose Taecyeon oppa.」

f(x) Sings Theme Song For a New Animation

Nowadays, it's not uncommon for Kpop groups to sing OST songs for dramas, but girl group f(x) breaks that norm as they sing the theme song for a new animation, Juloring Animal Detective.

Along with the release of the theme song, titled The Truth Is (Shh!), a MV for the animation was also unveiled! The MV primarily shows the characters of the new animation, but halfway through, f(x) is shown talking for half a minute.

Check it out:

Lee JungHyun

2010-05-11 李貞賢 - 7輯 - Lee Jung hyun 007th

韓國跳舞天後李貞賢闊別樂壇3年半的回歸之作,7輯《007th》變身成性感可愛的形象登場。主打歌「Suspicious Man」為節拍輕快刺激的的電音樂曲,講述被所愛的男人背叛後決心復仇的故事。另收入輕柔情歌「緣」、歌名取自李貞賢的英文名「AVA」的輕快電音樂曲「AVAtar」、以及旋律可愛的「Why」等共11首新曲。

李貞賢,韓國流行指針。每一次變換造型慵慴態慞,慷慥戧戫就會引起韓國流行趨勢的大變動。拿著扇子,穿著「倩女幽魂」式的服裝、太極拳的舞蹈及前衛的化妝蓉菬萓蒨,碥碭碧碫李貞賢的特立獨行,猶如日本的濱崎步蠟蜛製褔,銫銑鋮銕深獲當地年輕人的喜愛及模仿。作品有影視作劇:《美麗的日子》、《死亡功課》、《美麗心靈》等,音樂作品:《Magic To Go To My Star》、《I Love Natural》等。

  英文名:Lee Jung Hyun
  【綽號】外星人、JangGu(南北頭)、 電子音樂女王Techno Queen、Techno Goddess、電子音樂女戰士、Yi Deh Ah、你的舌頭、百變天後
  【求學經歷】小學:開浦, 中學:開風, 高中:安陽藝高,
  【愛 情 篇】初戀年齡:18歲時。。。
  【影片】只要是Rock by song電影就全都喜歡
  【歌曲】「Party of you world」人魚公主
  【座佑銘…】以心做事! ; 大抱負、大人物、大行動
  【圈中好友】SES,金鐘民,楊賢石,李賢濤,Doctor Core911,姜虎東,前進,MC夢,高耀太[1]等


  →Bandido(意大利)《Vamos Amigos》
  →Cherry《Dancing Fool》
  →Cherry《You Are Not Along》
  →Cherry《Please Do Not》
  《Summer Dance》
  →朱安禹《Happy Dance》
  《철수야 사랑해(哲秀 我愛你)》
  《남자는 여자를 귀찮게 해(男人總是讓女人煩惱)》



Lee JungHyun's Tiny Fall on Music Core

Singer Lee JungHyun takes a slip in the recent performance of her new single Suspicious Man on Music Core.

JungHyun made a tiny slip while walking down the stairs for her entrance. You can spot it at 0:18 mark.

What do you know, not only did she made a good recovery but she also manages to gather herself back and performed that feisty choreography kick after the fall. JungHyun was able to deliver her performance as if though the slip never happened. Now that's what you call a performer.

2010年5月29日 星期六

Soo Young transforms into Sexy Food Goddess for Infinity Challenge!

Omona,first time for me to see Soo Young being so seductive!

In the latest episode of Infinity Challenge.SNSD's Soo Young transforms into sexy food goddess in the show and she has a solo performance during the show.Check out the video here to see how sexy she can be!

Seungyeon posted new selcas on Cyworld!

Finally have something to write about Seung yeon,my favourite KARA's member!

It has been a while since we heard of the KARA girls.Member Seung Yeon posted a few new selcas on her Cyworld recently.She showed various cute facial expressions as shown in the photos above.

It seems that she is pretty relaxing herself these days as i could hardly see any selcas of Seung Yeon during their Lupin days,she is cute right?

4Minute was picked as a cosmetic CF's model

The girl group whose 2nd mini album (HUH) is a great success was picked as a Ari-Ul cosmetic CF's model.

The representative of the Ari-Ul cosmetic said that 4Minute's young age and energetic image are really suitable for the product. In addition to that, the representative also said that they have beautiful and shining faces.

4Minute members said that for this CF they took extra care of themselves in order to keep their skin moist and healthy despite the fact that they have a very tight schedule.

The CF is scheduled to be released in June.

KARA Nicole's 『bare face』 reveal criticised by fans 「It seems that the reveal was of bad intention」

Girlgroup KARA member Nicole's 『bare face』 revealed has garnered much interests from netizens. 

Nicole had appeared with no-make on SBS variety program 『My Partner』 aired on 28th May, talking about the topic of exercising with MC Nam HeeSeok. And Nicole was seen shy with no makeup on, and her hands were covering her face many times during the filming. She was also seen wearing a cap, much under-dressed as compared to her usual features performing on stage.

Netizens' comments to seeing her 『bare face』 are, 「She looks like actress Yoo HaeJin」, 「Nicole looks like the 2nd-generation to Yoo HaeJin and Kim HyeSoo」 while there are some who commented, 「Nicole is one of the stars whose bare face should not be revealed」 etc.

Fans seemed to be unhappy with the reveal of Nicole's bare face on the show. It seems that Nicole was thrown off guard with the sudden show up of the filming team for the filming, and she was seen with no makeup. And she had seemed flustered about it that she kept on covering her face during the filming, and to make things worse, the camera had did close-up on her face during the filming.

4Minute 'Hit Your Heart' Behind the scene!

4Minute 'Hit Your Heart' Behind the scene!

Shin Dong uploaded photo of f(x) taking photo on Twitter!

The title appeared to be a bit confusing right??

It is weird to see people taking photos of people who are taking a photo of his/her own.But our dorky Shin Dong did this,when the f(x) girls were trying to take a photo of him,he took a shot of the girls and share it on Twitter!

SNSD Yoona's Birthday Ad

As you all know 0530 is Yoona's Birthday and as always Korean Sones never fail to impress us with their way of expressing their love for their idols.

If you would notice it has been almost a tradition for the Korean Sones to make an advertisement in the newspapers for their idols birthday.

Here's Yoona's Birthday advertisement...

100529 Music Core Performers

4Minute performed "Huh" on Music Core

f(x) performed " Nu ABO" on Music Core

Secret show "Magic" on Music core

After School performed "Bang!" on Music core

Davichi performed "Time Please Stop" on Music Core

T-ara Hyomin shows photo of her out and about!

T-ara Hyomin reveals her off-stage life.

On May 28th, Hyomin released photographs during her comfortable routine on her Cyworld.

She included pictures of herself in a cafe and and restaurant. She included pictures taken from a distance.

In the photos, Hyomin was dressed in jeans and a thin jumper and a t-shirt. She also wore sneakers making the outfit very easy-to-wear. Plus, she wore stand-out sunglasses with big white frames. With a mischievous look, Hyomin looks very attractive when she's comfortable and not on TV.

Meanwhile, the 30th is Hyomin's birthday. Already in advance fans are visiting her Cyworld and wishing her a happy birthday.

In addition, the singer is taking part in KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth" and SBS's "My Partner" which is a big success.

T-Ara and Seeya at M Countdown

Here's the picture of the three beautiful ladies who are responsible for giving us such a lovely and relaxing performance yesterday at M Countdown.

Seeya's Lee Boram and T-Ara's Hyomin and Soyeon performed "Coffee over Milk" in yesterday's M Countdown. Though it was announced earlier that it was Jiyeon who would be performing with Boram and Hyomin, due to some reasons Soyeon has replaced Jiyeon in this performance.

The song "Coffee over Milk" is the OST of the newest Korean drama "Coffee House" in which T-Ara's leader Ham Eunjung is one of the main cast. This song was originally sang by Seeya's Boram together with T-Ara's Hyomin and Jiyeon, talking about T-Ara love there ^^

T-ara Eunjung's promotional pictures for Coffee House unveiled!

Korean girl group T-ara's leader Eunjung is currently promoting for her drama which is airing now at SBS. Due to the drama, she is unable to join with the girls in many of the activities including Dream Concert which held on May 22th.

In the same time, Eunjung is also preparing for her upcoming horror movie ''White'' which will begin shooting next month and also she was featuring in the music video of Davichi's latest single ''Time, Please Stop''. In addition, members like Jiyeon and Ori were participating in a horror movie ''Death Bell 2'' too.

Synopsis of the drama:
Coffee House is about Lee Jin Soo ( Kang Ji Hwan ) who is a talented novelist who shot to stardom at a young age after writing a series of bestsellers. He finds two potential love interests in Seo Eun Young (Park Si Yeon), a publishing executive, and Kang Seung Yeon (Ham Eun Jung), the daughter of the Page One Coffee Shop who is studying for the civil service examination and later becomes Jin Soo's secretary.

Narsha will start having physical contact with people around her after she drunk

Recently, BEG had exposed Narsha's bad habit after she's drunk on a variety show "Taxi".

Miryo and Je-a said :"When Narsha's drunk, she'll start having physical contact with people around her." Ga-in admitted that she had been touched the most. Narsha couldn't deny any of it.

Because of BEG's abracadabra, their hip sway arrogant dance had started a trend in Korea. Narsha said :"In Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Short Track - Men's 5000m Relay Skating Runner up KWAK Yoon-Gy danced the arrogant dance at the award ceremony. Our dance was aired internationally, that's what we're proud of." Je-a then added :"We were very happy. Our parents were proud of us too."

Narsha and Je-a talked about their feelings of performing at the Ice show along with Kim Yuna in last April. "Looking at Kim Yuna dancing our arrogant dance, we had goosebumps, in a good way. Really charismatic."

On 27th, Cable TV TvN's program "Taxi" exposed BEG trainee days and other news such as Narsha's bad habits when she's drunk etc.

"I was the one who started BEG. After that we added Miryo, Narsha and Ga-in in." Je-a, leader of BEG exposed the beginning of the girl group calmly. "We tempted rapper Miryo, who was already famous at that time to join our group and i had a very fresh first impression of Ga-in."

"As all our heights were about 160cm, that's why it was very hard for us when we went for the audition." This made the crowd laugh.

Lastly, Miryo spoke about Ga-in's audition process. ""Actually at the very first meeting, our opinions were different." After this shocking confession, Ga-in then said :"This is the first time i heard about it too" Because of this, Ga-in became a little nervous.

Besides this, they also chose the top 3 who danced the arrogant dance well among all the stars.

4 Minute M Countdown Pictures

Here are some cute and lovely pictures of 4Minute's Ga Yoon, Ji Hyun and So Hyun taken from their recent M Countdown broadcast.

Beautiful Gayoon, Look's like she saw something that interests her.

Maknae So Hyun enjoying the magazine~
What are you reading can you share it with us? ^^

Maknae So Hyun looking great with her lovely short hair.

Leader Jihyun's smile is so lovely!

Seems like Jiyoon andHyun Ah is missing in this update anyways 4 Minute's single "Huh" is doing great and it is currently at the 3rd spot of M Nets top 100 chart.

f(x)'s Victoria is fluent in Korean

Korea popular idol group f(x)'s Victoria, learn dancing since she was young. Her flexible body surprises everyone. This cute girl who come from China show off her handsome and attractive high kick action in MV which caught the attention of a lot of fans.

When the interview just started, Victoria open her eyes widely, try her best to speak in Korean. She said that her favourite track in this new album is < SURPRISE PARTY >. It's because during the recording of this song, the other f(x) members held a surprise birthday party for her.

It's less than a year since Victoria's debut but she can already use Korean to communicate fluently. She said "As a big sister as well as leader, the responsibility is really big. " " I'm the oldest, so in the beginning, I feel uncomfortable when I'm together with the younger members. Feels burden. As a group leader, I will take care of the other members, but most of the time, it seems like the other way round ( Laugh ). "

How's Victoria's popularity in China ? " A lot of fans leave me messages and also help me to promote ( the album ) through the internet. Really feel thankful towards them and also my family. Aren't we Asia superstar dancing group ? ( Laugh ) and also hope that everyone will anticipate our development in China in the future! "

Uee fails to make it for baseball game opening pitch

Having done the opening pitch for the The Heroes (renamed Nexen Heroes now) last year, After School's UEE was once again invited to do the same thing on May 29th in their game against the LG Twins at Mokdong Baseball Stadium.

There has been much attention since UEE was pitching for the second time and she was the daughter of the Nexen Heroes defensive coach, Kim Seong Gab.

It was a no-show unfortunately as UEE who is busy filming her drama, Birdie Buddy in a rural province was caught in heavy traffic and failed to make it on time. And they decided to get on with the game without her with her cut-out instead.

But she eventually turned up and became a concerned spectator.