2010年5月29日 星期六

T-ara Hyomin shows photo of her out and about!

T-ara Hyomin reveals her off-stage life.

On May 28th, Hyomin released photographs during her comfortable routine on her Cyworld.

She included pictures of herself in a cafe and and restaurant. She included pictures taken from a distance.

In the photos, Hyomin was dressed in jeans and a thin jumper and a t-shirt. She also wore sneakers making the outfit very easy-to-wear. Plus, she wore stand-out sunglasses with big white frames. With a mischievous look, Hyomin looks very attractive when she's comfortable and not on TV.

Meanwhile, the 30th is Hyomin's birthday. Already in advance fans are visiting her Cyworld and wishing her a happy birthday.

In addition, the singer is taking part in KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth" and SBS's "My Partner" which is a big success.