2010年5月30日 星期日

Yoona Wants to Have a Fake Marriage With 2PM's Taecyeon?

On the May 30 episode of SBS 『Family Outing 2,』 the Wonder Girls were invited to guest star on the show as part of a 『memorable student field trip special.』 The girls invited a lot of attention when member Sohee finally met show co-star Heechul, who is known for being a fan of the mandoo-cheeked idol.

In addition, the Wonder Girls caused further commotion when they confidently marched up to Taecyeon and asked, 『Who do you like the best among the SNSD members?』 Embarrassed, Taecyeon answered that he had 「liked Yuri first,」 to which Sunye replied, 「That's not true!」

The Wonderful leader went on to say that Taecyeon had in fact 「liked Yoona from the very beginning,」 which she knew due to being in the same company as the rapper for 2PM. Taecyeon then came clean and admitted that he had in fact 「liked Yoona at the very beginning, and [likes] her the most even now.」 Curious, the Family Outing 2 cast turned to Yoona and asked her to name the idol whom she would like to have a fake marriage with if she could.

Yoona created quite an awkward atmosphere – and perhaps the possibility of a great scandal! – when she replied, 「It's embarrassing that no one chose Taecyeon [before me….] I'll choose Taecyeon oppa.」