2010年5月27日 星期四

Moon GeunYoung Entertains Drama Viewers

Moon GeunYoung dances T-ara's 「Bo Peep Bo Peep」 on the latest episode of Cinderella's Sister which surprises the viewers.

Moon GeunYoung plays the cold character of Koo EunJo. During the episode, EunJo did not want to be left out by her little brother when it comes to knowing the country's latest hit singles. Out of curiosity, EunJo searched around the net and stumbles upon T-ara's video.

Watch the clip here:

Since Moon GeunYoung have been playing a cold and blunt character in the drama, this segment of the episode brought laughter to its viewers. They claimed that they have never seen this side of her. If you're a fan of this drama, then stay tuned as more interesting things soon unfolds!