2010年5月29日 星期六

Narsha will start having physical contact with people around her after she drunk

Recently, BEG had exposed Narsha's bad habit after she's drunk on a variety show "Taxi".

Miryo and Je-a said :"When Narsha's drunk, she'll start having physical contact with people around her." Ga-in admitted that she had been touched the most. Narsha couldn't deny any of it.

Because of BEG's abracadabra, their hip sway arrogant dance had started a trend in Korea. Narsha said :"In Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Short Track - Men's 5000m Relay Skating Runner up KWAK Yoon-Gy danced the arrogant dance at the award ceremony. Our dance was aired internationally, that's what we're proud of." Je-a then added :"We were very happy. Our parents were proud of us too."

Narsha and Je-a talked about their feelings of performing at the Ice show along with Kim Yuna in last April. "Looking at Kim Yuna dancing our arrogant dance, we had goosebumps, in a good way. Really charismatic."

On 27th, Cable TV TvN's program "Taxi" exposed BEG trainee days and other news such as Narsha's bad habits when she's drunk etc.

"I was the one who started BEG. After that we added Miryo, Narsha and Ga-in in." Je-a, leader of BEG exposed the beginning of the girl group calmly. "We tempted rapper Miryo, who was already famous at that time to join our group and i had a very fresh first impression of Ga-in."

"As all our heights were about 160cm, that's why it was very hard for us when we went for the audition." This made the crowd laugh.

Lastly, Miryo spoke about Ga-in's audition process. ""Actually at the very first meeting, our opinions were different." After this shocking confession, Ga-in then said :"This is the first time i heard about it too" Because of this, Ga-in became a little nervous.

Besides this, they also chose the top 3 who danced the arrogant dance well among all the stars.