2010年5月30日 星期日

After School's JooYeon, f(x)'s Victoria, and Kim Sori Confirmed for Invincible Youth

Fans are making some noise as the popular show KBS Invincible Youth officially released the names of the new members of the G7 crew: After School's JooYeon, f(x)'s Victoria, and Kim Sori.

These three ladies will be replacing the outgoing members SNSD's Yuri & Sunny and 4minute's HyunA.

A representative stated, 「Victoria, JooYeon, and Kim Sori will join as the second-generation members, and they are scheduled to start promotions through Invincible Youth.」

JooYeon, of After School, has always shown self-constraint, but she will be revealing more of herself through Invincible Youth. Kim Sori, although not as widely known, is a musical actress, known from her musical The B-Boy Loving Ballerina, who has been doing ballet since her elementary school years. She just released her first album and is trying to gain recognition as a singer. Victoria, who has just started to enter the variety show scene, has impressed countless people with her amazing flexibility and her slightly 4-D quirkiness.

The new members will bring a new flavor to the show as Sunny, Yuri, and HyunA leave for overseas promotions.