2010年5月26日 星期三

HyunA Feels Sorry to Her Members

HyunA of 4minute expressed her sorry heart to her members after the consistent questions directed to her about the Wonder Girls.

HyunA originally debuted as a member of the Wonder Girls, but she resigned from the group after health complications prevented her from continuing group activities. Although she has since re-debuted as a member of 4minute, she can't stop the barrage of questions and comparisons between the Wonder Girls and 4minute, especially since the two groups are now promoting their newest singles at the same time!

At the start of an interview with Newsen, HyunA quickly got something off her chest,

I always get the same question. I'm happy that we, 4minute and the Wonder Girls, made our comebacks together. We're colleagues after all. We support each other, and if it turns out well, good.

HyunA continued on,

Whenever this subject comes up, I feel sorry to my 4minute members. I'm working hard with 4minute. My past experience is a great memory. We're both very different flavors from each other, and I hope that others will see that and not take sides against each group. I'd like it if everyone acknowledged that we're two very different groups and loved us for it.

She even added in some commentary about her experience as a solo performer, during her Change promotions. HyunA laughed, 「Truthfully, being on stage by myself was strange. Now that I'm performing with my members, I feel confident. The aura I feel on stage is different.」

It's understandable that HyunA doesn't want the Wonder Girls' spotlight to cast a shadow on 4minute, but I'm sure they'll soon shed those comparisons with their hit Huh (Hit Your Heart)!