2010年5月27日 星期四

Where Does Krystal Get Her Athleticism From?

f(x)'s Krystal's unveiled her secret athleticism during her stint on KBS Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2. Who does she have to thank for her talents?

Krystal made her first appearance on Let's Go Dream Team back in March and on the very first episode, she set a high jump record of 180cm! She went on to break even more records on the show, becoming 「the hero for the 29th generation of Girls' Dream Team.」

Krystal says the reason why her team won was 「all because of blessings of genes.」 In an interview with Daily Athletics, Krystal revealed,

「In my childhood in America, my father was a boxer and my mother was a equipment gymnast so I would exercise everyday. When I wake up in the morning, I would put on my gloves and punch with my father. My parents' athletic blood flows in me so I'm pretty confident when it comes to sports. I'm the only member who doesn't stay at the dorm but live with my parents. After my parents saw me on 『Dream Team,』 they complimented me, saying 『That's our daughter.』 」

Check out this clip of Krystal's record-breaking high jump with SHINee's MinHo!

On a side note, in comparison to Krystal, older sister SNSD's Jessica, seems to lack some of her parents' athletic genes! Check out this adorable clip of Jessica's high jump on Dream Team!