2010年5月29日 星期六

KARA Nicole's 『bare face』 reveal criticised by fans 「It seems that the reveal was of bad intention」

Girlgroup KARA member Nicole's 『bare face』 revealed has garnered much interests from netizens. 

Nicole had appeared with no-make on SBS variety program 『My Partner』 aired on 28th May, talking about the topic of exercising with MC Nam HeeSeok. And Nicole was seen shy with no makeup on, and her hands were covering her face many times during the filming. She was also seen wearing a cap, much under-dressed as compared to her usual features performing on stage.

Netizens' comments to seeing her 『bare face』 are, 「She looks like actress Yoo HaeJin」, 「Nicole looks like the 2nd-generation to Yoo HaeJin and Kim HyeSoo」 while there are some who commented, 「Nicole is one of the stars whose bare face should not be revealed」 etc.

Fans seemed to be unhappy with the reveal of Nicole's bare face on the show. It seems that Nicole was thrown off guard with the sudden show up of the filming team for the filming, and she was seen with no makeup. And she had seemed flustered about it that she kept on covering her face during the filming, and to make things worse, the camera had did close-up on her face during the filming.