2010年5月25日 星期二

2NE1 to attend Happy Point Card event, supporting World Cup!

On June 12th, an event titled 'Win Happy Together, Let's make it to the Round of 16 (T/N: Round of 16 = the 2nd round in the World Cup)' will take place, where 4000 SPC customers will be invited and be able to form their own cheering squads to compete for an opportunity to watch the first match of Korea vs. Greece on a large screen TV.

The team results will be revealed on the home page through the 'Check team results' menu. Sign-ups for the event will last until May 31st. On the day of the event, 2NE1, DJ. DOC, Crying Nut, and other popular artists will perform a concert together, and it is planned to stimulate explosive support for the World Cup.

SPC representatives said "We have planned the event in order to form a cultural bond with several customers, and make a festival where everyone can enjoy it together."