2010年6月29日 星期二

Goo Hara 2 Jin Hye Won shows off dancing skills!

After showing us some photos taken with T-ara's JiYeon and EunJung,M Net media revealed a new dancing clip of a member of their upcoming girl group.

This girl has grabbed much attention with her Goo Hara like face,check out her dancing skills here!

Family Outing 2 comes to an end without a special last filming?

『Family Outing 2』 comes to an end without a special last filming?

SBS recently announced 2 of its upcoming new variety programs after the South Korean World Cup match on 26th June. They are namely 『Running Man』 headed by MC Yoo JaeSeok for his MC comeback and 『Heroes』 which will star Seo InYoung and Park GaHee etc.

『Running Man』 is set for first airing on 11th July and 『Heroes』 on 18th July. This leaves with the fact that Family Outing will come to an end officially. It is set that the last episode of FO2 will be on 11th July.

An official revealed, 「Nothing has been confirmed as yet. Our last filming was on 14th and 15th June in YangPyung, and there has not been any new filmings. But because of the World Cup season, we have not done any filming for 『last journey』 special for the show either.」

Meanwhile, FO2 has garnered much interests for its casts of idols and stars like Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Yoon SangHyun, Shin BongSeon, Jo Kwon, TaecYeon, YoonA and Kim HeeChul, but the ratings of the show had dropped to one-digit and had to be taken out from SBS Good Sunday.

Here's the preview to 『Running Man』

SNSD Seohyun, a Big Smile at Fans' Surprise Present!

SNSD member Seohyun became a happy 20 year old with her fans' special present.

Seohyun's fancafe, Cistus, published a newspaper advertisement on the 28th to congratulate Seohyun's birthday.

Cistus published pictures of Seohyun smiling brightly and a short passage, "You hold a place in our hearts with your beautiful smile. With that smile, you've given us joy. Through SNSD's Seohyun, we are as joyful and happy as can be. We sincerely wish Seohyun a happy 20th birthday."

Seohyun's management agency, SM Entertainment, revealed, "Seohyun was deeply moved by the unexpected surprise present. On this day (28th), Seohyun finished her afternoon schedules and had a simple birthday party with SNSD members and fans at the Seoul Chungdamdong SM Entertainment office."

Before this, SNSD fans had garnered attention with Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sooyoung's newspaper birthday advertisements. Seohyun is currently appearing on MBC's variety program as an imaginary couple with CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa.

More of T-Ara's no make-up photos!

T-Ara members have been so busy with their individual activities and finally they got their well deserved rest. Recently they had some bonding time together and the good thing is they didn't forget to share their happy moments with us through these lovely pictures.

On the other hand T-Ara's 2nd Album is coming soon!

G7 at Japan airport!

Here are some photos of the members where they waved to their fans at the airport!

Invincible Youth flies to Japan to learn the Japanese way of farming

KBS "Invincible Youth" cast hits the road and leaves for Hokkaido Japan on the 29th to film for a new episode.

The crew said on the 28th, that G7 will be leaving for Hokkaido in Japan on the 29th and they will be staying there for 2 nights and 3 days to film for the show.

This is the first time the show will go oversea's and they will be learning the Farming techniques of the Japanese rural villagers and their way of Life and nature.

According to the PD of Invincible Youth on the 28th, "The filming will take place in a famous town where it often rain's and they will experience a new local agriculture life. We will try to capture the beautiful scenery in the village and this will be the first time we will be filming oversea's".

The members will be interacting with the residents of the town and will also experience the local spa, as well as the farm experience and also scheduled to have a fan meeting.

They chose Hokkaido because of it's popularity in the town's abundance of farm and agriculture living, As well as they were given the opportunity to visit the town as well.

f(x)'s Fan Event 'Revealing Something Surprising'

The girl groups and f(x) had an amazing meet. On the 27th in Ax-Korea, Kwangjang, Seoul, f(x) cheerfully started off the fan event with their debut single 'LA chA TA'. They also created a friendly mood as they answered the fan's UFOs from text.

When asked 'What are the member's nicknames?' to the leader Victoria, Sulli and Krystal said Big Mama while Luna said Qian Unnie. When Girls' Generation Jessica's sister, Krystal, was asked 'When do you feel like you're the same as your sister?' she replied with 'Whenever we compare our height through our shoulders I don't feel like the younger sibling'.

Then an oppa to Sulli asked 'Don't other oppas ask you for signatures?' and Sulli replied with 'My friend's tutor, an oppa, demands for a signature when I call my friend'. Then when 'Whose most gullible in the group?' was asked, Amber said Luna and Victoria.

In the meet, the fans created a corner where they made a fill-in-the-blank sentence 'I want to see ____ do ____'. The fans who wanted to see Krystal's aegyo cheered when she did the 3-set aegyo 'I'm sleepy', 'Honey don't get mad' and 'Gimme food'. Luna received applause after singing 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' for the fans who wanted her superb live vocals. Sulli danced the 'Auction Dance' for the fans who wanted to see and Amber did an impersonation of Pororo creating a passionate respond from the audience. **

After the fan event, Victoria showed her affection to the fans via Star Call, 'Today was so fun. Did everyone else have fun? I think we got closer with the fans. Please be safe'

Another 2 teasers of Playgirlz School revealed!

After showing you the first teaser of After School's very own variety show "Playgirlz School" last week,we have more to share.

Check out the other 2 teasers of the show,anticipating it?

Kang MinKyung Gets Her First Vacation

Davichi's Kang MinKyung recently posted pictures of herself on her summer vacation.
On the 27th, Kang MinKyung wrote on her mini hompage, 「I went to Japan for my first vacation after debuting.」 Kang MinKyung posted various photos of herself in Japan. Of her photos, ones of her in Disneyland have been catching the attention of fans.
Kang MinKyung stated, 「Tokyo's Disneyland is so tiring.」 Kang MinKyung showed off her legs by wearing white hot pants and a blue off-shoulder shirt. Her milky white skin proved that she has beautiful skin.
She also posted a photo with fellow member Lee HaeRi, wearing Micky Mouse raincoats, showing off their cute sides. She wrote, 「We can't miss Disneyland because of the rain.」
Netizens responded to the photos by commenting, 「How big is it~ I want to go, too,」 and, 「Kang MinKyung and Lee HaeRi are both so cute.」

T-ara's Jiyeon For July's InStyle Magazine Korea

After playing the role of a rebellious student in KBS2's 『God Of Study』, T-ara's Jiyeon has kept a steady interest in acting by following up the drama with the film, 『Death Bell 2』. T-ara's maknae shows the fashionista side to herself in July's issue for InStyle Magazine.

「As it is my birthday, I'm sad because I wanted to spend today with my family. Due to my busy schedule, I miss the simple pleasures of gossiping with my friends at school and just walking around the streets.」

It was after becoming a household name with T-ara as a successful idol group that Jiyeon began considering giving acting a chance as an 『acting-idol』. 「I actually prepared to act before debuting as a singer. I had fun filming my first drama, 『God of Study』, because it felt as if I was playing with my friends at school. Because of that, I was relieved of my nervousness and any burdens.」

「Because I'm still young, it's kind of difficult trying to portray a sexy image. During our performances, I just do as the older members tell me, and try to express a 『scary-yet-chic』 look with my eyes. However, I think the most important thing is confidence in myself. Just because you overly expose yourself doesn't make you sexy.」

Once again taking another acting challenge, Jiyeon will be playing a student part in 『Death Bell 2』, a separate story line from 『Death Bell』, in which students are made to compete to keep themselves alive. 「In films, the lines are long, and the fact that I have to put all of my emotions into every single scene was difficult. It was like I was testing my limit?」

「My final goal? Our group name is 『T-ara』. I want for us to be able to work hard as both actresses and singers, and eventually excell in that area to wear a crown.」

Playing the part of the silent and cold character, SaeHee, in 『Death Bell 2』; fans will see the transition from a bubbly character to a serious one. While she was warned to be cautious about picking out a complete different character, Jiyeon stated that she was looking forward to the challenge and showed off a bright smile.

Quadruple Idol Birthdays!

Today is a very special day! Four k-pop idols are celebrating their birthdays today, and they are none other than SNSD's SeoHyun, Dae Guk Nam Ah (DN-A)'s Mika and Karam, and C.N.Blue's MinHyuk!

First up we have our adorable maknae, SeoHyun! She is turning 19 this year (20 in Korean age). For her birthday, SeoHyun's fancafe, Cistus, posted a newspaper advertisement of SeoHyun smiling along with the message,

「You hold a place in our hearts with your beautiful smile. With that smile, you've given us joy. Through SNSD's SeoHyun, we are as joyful and happy as can be. We sincerely wish SeoHyun a happy 20th birthday.」

SM Entertainment revealed SeoHyun's graditude and added, 「SeoHyun was deeply moved by the unexpected surprise present. On this day (28th), SeoHyun finished her afternoon schedules and had a simple birthday party with SNSD members and fans at the Seoul Chungdamdong SM Entertainment office.」

Although our little sweet potato lover is growing one year older, she will always be our wonderful SNSD maknae!


2010年6月27日 星期日

After Taecyeon gives Yoona a necklace, is there nothing left but a kiss?

On the recent episode of Family Outing 2, It was shown how the family members celebrated SNSD Yoona's birthday.

The episode which aired on the 27th showed Taecyeon's special birthday present to Yoona.

The family members make a homemade birthday cake for Yoona, and Yoona blew out the candles and made her wishes, after which they played with the icing causing quite a commotion.

After the cake, It was time to reveal the presents, Super Junior Kim Heechul gave a decorated pair of slippers, the other members gave her a figurine, a doll and they even made Yoona wear a crown and she looked like a delighted child opening her presents.

She received Stuffed toys and even a gift certificate.

The highlight of the birthday party was Taecyeon's gift to Yoona, It was revealed to be a necklace with a pendant with the initial "Y" for Yoona. Taecyeon gave the necklace and even put it for Yoona to wear, the family members teased then and said, "Now, All that's left is a kiss".

Meanwhile, Yoona had a special guest for her birthday as her grandmother visited.

Heechul and Yoona sings their 'short' solo parts of all their songs!

Heechul and Yoona have only 37 and 42 seconds respectively when they add up their solo parts of all their songs. Heechul sings their title song from SJ's 1st album till now- Twins, Miracle, U, DonDon, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana and Yoona sings Into the new world, Girl's generation, Kissing You, Gee, Oh! and Run Devil Run. 

Before heechul sings, he said a rough estimation of how long will all the song add up to be. Instead of the 7-8 mins he said, it was only 37 seconds and that made everybody burst into laughter. Also, watch how heechul trys to stop yoona from dragging the time. Here!

uri got poked by?

SNSD won Music Bank K Chart last week and something really funny happened during the prize giving ceremony,take a look at the GIF above,i have no idea which members stood behind Yuri during that time by Yuri's expressions is simply priceless!

T-ara's Jiyeon cameo appearance in Ji Chang Wook's music video, "a hot topic"!

Jiyeon of T-ara recently took place in the rookie musical artist Ji Chang Wook's music video for "너를 보내줘야 한다".

In the music video, Ji Chang Wook and Jiyeon go their separate ways and they convey the bitter sweetness of being former lovers. They both appear very mature in the video, which received praises.

On the day of the shoot, particularly Ji Chang Wook got a headache and a fever, cold symptoms because of filming over 10 hours in the rain. Luckily, he maintained in high spirits.

The music video was directed by 2 famed music video directors and was described as "beautiful." Both Jiyeon and Ji Chang Wook who appear in the music video are in the same agency, and the cameo appearance has became a hot topic since they both are also starring in the movie "Death Bell 2".

Meanwhile, the music video and song will be released as a digital single on July 8th though Mnet, Melon, Cyworld, etc.

KARA's Gyuri face is beautiful without make up?

A picture of KARA's Gyuri without make up was posted on twitter ! Netizens are saying that she is a beauty without make up .

'No make-up' T-ara, "2nd album is coming soon~"

The members of T-ara, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Qri, Soyeon and Boram all revealed their "no make-up faces" to the public and caused surprise.

Currently all the members of T-ara are busy with their individual schedules. With Eunjung cast in the SBS drama "Coffee House", Jiyeon filming "Death Bell 2" and Hyomin making scheduled appearances for "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox", the busy individuals all came together and took time off on the 27th to hold a meeting.

T-ara's isn't able to meet everyday in a whole because of their schedule, so today was special. They had a good time today by going "coffee-drinking" and to the sauna.

On the other hand, T-ara fans/netizens said, "I'm always watching the girls on stage wearing dark make-up, it's nice to see them in this 'new form'", "I'm liking the look of happy-looking T-ara."

Meanwhile, even amidst their currently busy schedule, T-ara's 2nd album is ready.

Orange Caramel for July's Elle Girl Magazine

Orange Caramel members Nana, Raina, and Lizzy head out to the beach for a special photo shoot of July's issue of Elle Girl Magazine.
Appropriately titled, 『Hello Sunshine!』 the girls are spotted in a fun summer beach environment, enjoying their time under the sun.

The three Orange Caramel members are currently promoting their hit song, 『Magic Girl』 from their first mini-album.

SNSD Becomes Domino's Pizza CF Models

SNSD has been chosen as Domino's Pizza's newest CF model, with an exclusive 1-year contract.
Kim Myung Hwan, the director at Domino's Pizza's marketing headquarters, stated, 「We chose SNSD as models because we thought that their healthy and refreshing image goes well with our brand's young and refined image. SNSD is favored regardless of the person's gender, so we predict that Domino's Pizza's brand image will continue to rise.」
For the next year, with the theme of 『Cook Your Heart』, SNSD will present Domino's premium pizza as an international food through various stories. The first tv CF including SNSD will be revealed to viewers in the beginning of July.

Victoria took some selcas during the shooting of Invincible Youth!

Some selca photos of new G7 member Victoria to share with you here,it seems that she was trained to become a promoter on the show,is she promoting the drinks in these photos?

Anyway,she looks cute right?

WGM's newest couple KhunToria

The latest and newest couple of We Got Married has been revealed, and earlier it was broadcasted together with the 2 other couples which are the Adam Couple and the Sweet Potato Couple. So, what would be this couple's name? We would think again of what will happen to this couple, but all the other couple came out well right?
Judge it for yourself. Here's the video (no subs yet) of the newest couple, KhunToria.

SNSD ranked #1 on K-POP Girl Group imported CD Ranking HMV ONLINE

The interest in K-POP has been noticed early on, as HMV Japan as actively introduced them. At HMV Shibuya there is one floor dedicated to imported CDs and one booth is for K-POP and is a great feature. To put together our K-POP Promotion Team, we have focused on bringing together those in the different departments of HMV who like K-POP. It started in 2007 when HMV advertised in a free paper (Note: This is a paper with a lot of advertisements), they started a corner in the shop and the K-POP imported CDs were done in a large-scale and were a great appeal.

The member who managed this alone from the start Watanabe Shouhei said, 「In 2007~2008, Powerful girl groups like Wonder Girls, SNSD, KARA and others, are rapidly appearing. Their dances and songs could be compared favorably to western music and they're wonderful. All of them are charming.」

This time, the K-POP fans are checking the girl group movement as expected. The amount of new fans is increasing so much that, while K-POP used to be located in the World Music corner, it is now its own section, and in November 2009, HMV Shibuya created a dedicated booth on the first floor for it.

Nomiyama Saneuji of the merchandise HQ international department says this about K-POP fans, 「Of course there are more females. They』ve gotten into K-POP through boy groups, and also listen to girl groups.」 EC HQ international department Kadosawa Hideyoshi adds, 「Because of that core class of fans who think "they're from the same label so I'll give them a listen", having done that, that artist's visibility increases, and they can reach people who haven't heard of them before without seeming out of place. So, just like that they're popularity is spreading little by little. Most people have heard of both the boy groups and girl groups.」

K-POP Girl Group imported CD Ranking HMV ONLINE

First Place- 2nd Album: Run Devil Run- Repackage
Release Date: March 27, 2010

Second Place- 1st Mini Album
Release Date: July 11, 2009

Third Place- 2 Different Tears
Wonder Girls
Release Date: May 21, 2010

Fourth Place- Best Hits
Wonder Girls
Release date: March 5, 2010

Fifth Place- 1st Album- Repackage: Baby Baby
Release Date: April 5, 2008

Sixth Place- 2nd Album: Oh
Release Date: February 2, 2010

Seventh Place- Mini Album: For Muzik
Release Date: August 24, 2009

Eigth Place- Mini Album: For Muzik – Asia Deluxe Commemorative Disc
Release Date: May 8, 2010

Ninth Place- Mini Album: Gee
Release Date: January 20, 2009

Tenth Place- 2nd Single Album
Release Date: December 15, 2009

*Note*: Totalisation term (June 14, 2010 ~ June 20, 2010)

The top 3 who are expected to have a big break in Japan, 2NE1, SNSD, KARA

In the middle of 2010, girl groups are coming one by one to have their major Japan debut. KARA had an interview in May about their debut, 4Minute has had their first Japanese concert, and they've been big in the media. Since 2007 the girl groups in Japan have been waning. From now on, groups are continuing to debut in Japan, and who will have their big break this year?

kadosawa-shi believes about the girls' performances, "In these three years, they've gone through a spirited evolution. with their strategies, and are filling a niche that J-POP and western music can't catch up with. So, now in the light of the imported CD movement, if you were wondering who we think will have a big break in Japan out of the girl groups, 「The top 3 are: 2NE1, SNSD and KARA. Next is f(x), T-ara, AFTER SCHOOL whom also have a good expectation.」

Also, there's a topic of if the girls will immediately make it big in Japan or not. On the internet, lots of chatter about KARA and 4Minute having to compete has shown up, but in reality the market is quiet. Watabe's analysis is, 「The possibility that this is a temporary boom cannot be denied, so continuous exposure is very important.」 Oikawa Jou of Content department of EC HQ says, 「The vital thing to watch out for are the coming debuts of KARA and SNSD. If these two groups are successful, it should cause quite a commotion. Moreover, it will be good if they can appear more on TV to viewers.

It certainly feels like a movement is forming. More and more girl groups are debuting this year and creating a foundation that seems like it will be a key to success. The 4-person K-POP Promotion team all agree, 「K-POP as a genre is huge, make no mistake. We all want the 「wave」 to come. (Note: Wave being the hallyu/Korean wave) We want to cause a big boom!」 Through continuous communication with fans, they say they will proactively continue to distribute information.

SNSD Tiffany "I Came Back Healthily"

Girls' Generation Tiffany has came back as the MC of "MuCore"

On the 26th, Tiffany and Yuri has appeared on MBC 'Show! Music Core' with their special smile. Tiffany and Yuri attracted people with their blue and white mixed outfit that symbolized coolness on the middle of the summer.

Tiffany has been suffering from vocal fold nodule and been receiving treatments. Unfortunately, her condition has gotten worse recently. Also, they were away from 'Show! Music Core' for three weeks because of their temporary vacation.

On this day of 'Show Music Core', CNBLUE, f(x), 4minute, Seo Inyoung, IU& Im Seolong(from 2AM), Orange Caramel, MBLAQ, So Yeon from T-ARA, Koyote, Sistar, NS Yoonji, Flower, Dae Gook Nam Ah, Infinite, Electro Boys, Seo Youngeun, Sookhee, Lina, X-Cross has appeared.

SNSD spends time with 100 lucky fans promoting LG Cookie

SNSD went out had had fun with 100 lucky fans for LG Cookie.

LG Electronics held a fan meeting last 26th with SNSD inviting 100 lucky chosen fans at a gallery cafe in Seoul.

The fans who were also buyers of the phone that were invited were able to bond with the girls as they were given dancing classes by the girls and also had baking, autograph sessions, photograph taking and also games.

Last April, LG released the new "Cookie" model with SNSD as their models, with the unique featured and design targeting the youth, the model had a successful launch.