2010年6月29日 星期二

f(x)'s Fan Event 'Revealing Something Surprising'

The girl groups and f(x) had an amazing meet. On the 27th in Ax-Korea, Kwangjang, Seoul, f(x) cheerfully started off the fan event with their debut single 'LA chA TA'. They also created a friendly mood as they answered the fan's UFOs from text.

When asked 'What are the member's nicknames?' to the leader Victoria, Sulli and Krystal said Big Mama while Luna said Qian Unnie. When Girls' Generation Jessica's sister, Krystal, was asked 'When do you feel like you're the same as your sister?' she replied with 'Whenever we compare our height through our shoulders I don't feel like the younger sibling'.

Then an oppa to Sulli asked 'Don't other oppas ask you for signatures?' and Sulli replied with 'My friend's tutor, an oppa, demands for a signature when I call my friend'. Then when 'Whose most gullible in the group?' was asked, Amber said Luna and Victoria.

In the meet, the fans created a corner where they made a fill-in-the-blank sentence 'I want to see ____ do ____'. The fans who wanted to see Krystal's aegyo cheered when she did the 3-set aegyo 'I'm sleepy', 'Honey don't get mad' and 'Gimme food'. Luna received applause after singing 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' for the fans who wanted her superb live vocals. Sulli danced the 'Auction Dance' for the fans who wanted to see and Amber did an impersonation of Pororo creating a passionate respond from the audience. **

After the fan event, Victoria showed her affection to the fans via Star Call, 'Today was so fun. Did everyone else have fun? I think we got closer with the fans. Please be safe'