2010年6月22日 星期二

2ne1 Park Bom's 'Good Morning' Message Showing Her Legs To The Public?

Girl group 2NE1's member, Park Bom, shows us her legs, rather than a good morning gesture.

She showed this picture on the 21st in the morning through her me2day. Park Bom explains that the picture was taken when she was lying on her bed saying "Where am I?" when Minji said "Unnie?" and she turned around.

To set a joyful mood, she used many emoticons and said "Everybody, Hello today!" This picture seems like the picture from the 7th with her diet success, as we can see from her legs and waist line.

She had a picture with her 'lettuce diet' where she posted a picture of her with a sad face eating lettuce forcibly. Sandara Park called this picture "Hamster eating! Bom who only eats grass."

Netizens are commenting, "She really got pretty", "Unnie, when are you coming back? Give us another solo song", "Honestly, chubby Bom was cute, but the skinny you is really pretty", "Put a picture of your face please"

The picture is from Park Bom's me2day.