2010年6月25日 星期五

Taeyeon's Acceptance Speech Stirs Controversy

It's another typical day in the showbiz world and yet again, another controversy heats up the web.
On today's special Music Bank episode, various performances from your favorite solo artists and idol groups were oozing on stage. But what's causing a little whirlwind on the web right now were Taeyeon's lack of energy during the show and her acceptance speech. Just what exactly happened?
Well, according to a fan that was present during the whole show:

Taeyeon's earpiece/in-ear monitor wasn't working well during the stage rehearsal. She requested help from the staff and after two recordings, Taeyeon seemed displeased. Even though the staff were clearing the stage, Taeyeon was still frustrated and refused to leave the stage.

If you guys don't know how an earpiece works, well let's just say that it's all about making the singer hear what she needs to hear to keep everything together and sounding good.
Apparently, Taeyeon couldn't hear her own voice and probably accounted the crack Taeyeon made on her note during her performance of Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You. Take a look at the video below as it happens at 2:53 mark.

Furthermore, SNSD stood up on the top spot as they win 1st place on tonight's mid-year K-Chart. As Taeyeon thanked the crowd and the fans on her acceptance speech, she left a little meaningful remark saying, 「I hope Music Bank creates an environment for singers to do better.」 And by this statement, many netizens get their fingers do the work and voice out their mixed opinions:

「I understand that Taeyeon is frustrated but I think it was careless of her to be saying those kinds of things on a live broadcast.」
「She should've watched her mouth.」
「A singer just talked about the stage environment; don't you think these reactions are a little too sensitive?」
「How frustrated must she have been to have gone that far?」
「If the earpiece was indeed broken, Taeyeon's remark shouldn't become an issue.」