2010年6月29日 星期二

Kang MinKyung Gets Her First Vacation

Davichi's Kang MinKyung recently posted pictures of herself on her summer vacation.
On the 27th, Kang MinKyung wrote on her mini hompage, 「I went to Japan for my first vacation after debuting.」 Kang MinKyung posted various photos of herself in Japan. Of her photos, ones of her in Disneyland have been catching the attention of fans.
Kang MinKyung stated, 「Tokyo's Disneyland is so tiring.」 Kang MinKyung showed off her legs by wearing white hot pants and a blue off-shoulder shirt. Her milky white skin proved that she has beautiful skin.
She also posted a photo with fellow member Lee HaeRi, wearing Micky Mouse raincoats, showing off their cute sides. She wrote, 「We can't miss Disneyland because of the rain.」
Netizens responded to the photos by commenting, 「How big is it~ I want to go, too,」 and, 「Kang MinKyung and Lee HaeRi are both so cute.」