2010年6月19日 星期六

f(x) Victoria, 「Chief No Joo Hyeon~you are Delicious」 New Born Quote

f(x) Victoria, 「Chief No Joo Hyeon~you are Delicious?」 New Born Quote

Girls group, f(x)'s leader Victoria has created her own expression on the KBS 2TV 「Invincible Youth」

On the 18th , Victoria appeared as the newest member in the broadcasted 「Invincible Youth」 by wearing her traditional clothes and performed the
『drunken master』 dance and was overwhelmed.
The girl finished the beautiful performance by saying 「I came from China by tumbling」 with her cute aegyo and introduced herself.

The 『Invincible Youth』 family then commented 「Your body is so flexible then you are so match with the farmer and can work with them well」
. Victoria who came from China has misunderstood the remark and answered 「 I like eating」 and made all the guest laughed out loud.*

Including Victoria, the new members, Seo Ri and After School』s Ju Yeon was given a time to observe the animals at the 「Idol's Village」.
At that time, Victoria went in front of a cow and did a 90 degrees bow while using honorific form and said 「annyeong haseyo」 making all the viewers laughed.**

On that day, with her innocence, she frequently misspoken and said to No Ju Hyeon who is the farmer's chief 「Chief~~you are delicious~」 while confused between 「delicious」 and 「good looking」 making the series of her own quotation and became a new versatile star.***


*the terms 'work with' in korean is similar with the term 'eat'<--that is why she was confused

** honorific form is only use towards older people or with respect remark so to use it on animals in kinda funny

*** 'delicious' in korean is 'Mashissoyo'-맛있어요' while 'good looking' in korean is 'Moshissoyo'-멋있어요'