2010年6月27日 星期日

After Taecyeon gives Yoona a necklace, is there nothing left but a kiss?

On the recent episode of Family Outing 2, It was shown how the family members celebrated SNSD Yoona's birthday.

The episode which aired on the 27th showed Taecyeon's special birthday present to Yoona.

The family members make a homemade birthday cake for Yoona, and Yoona blew out the candles and made her wishes, after which they played with the icing causing quite a commotion.

After the cake, It was time to reveal the presents, Super Junior Kim Heechul gave a decorated pair of slippers, the other members gave her a figurine, a doll and they even made Yoona wear a crown and she looked like a delighted child opening her presents.

She received Stuffed toys and even a gift certificate.

The highlight of the birthday party was Taecyeon's gift to Yoona, It was revealed to be a necklace with a pendant with the initial "Y" for Yoona. Taecyeon gave the necklace and even put it for Yoona to wear, the family members teased then and said, "Now, All that's left is a kiss".

Meanwhile, Yoona had a special guest for her birthday as her grandmother visited.