2010年6月24日 星期四

SBS Cancels 『Family Outing 2』 Due to Poor Ratings

The cast of Family Outing 2 won't be able to tickle your funny bones anymore. It seemed expected, but the news is nonetheless shocking. The second and current season of Family Outing will be the show's last.

According to the source, two episodes of Family Outing were set for filming but due to the Korean naval ship incident (Cheonan Incident) and the on-going World Cup in South Africa, these episodes were cancelled and hence, SBS has decided to end the variety show.

In addition, Family Outing 2 was having a hard time with ratings. Although the show had picked up so much attention during its pre-production, the ratings started to drop drastically right after the 1st episode.

The show wasn't able to summon those stellar ratings from the first season and for that reason, the production team wanted to boost the ratings by bringing idol groups such as Wonder Girls and SNSD, and even added Super Junior's Kim Heechul as the 8th member. However, it didn't enhance the ratings as much as they hoped for.

Yes, everything comes to an end. You can catch the family's finale episode in early July.
Meanwhile, a new action variety hosted by the former Family Outing 1 alum Yoo Jaesuk will replace the show.