2010年6月22日 星期二

2NE1 and Lee Minho for Etude Campaign

Etude – a global cosmetic brand that delivers trendy and stylish make-up will be part of a recreational culture campaign happening on August 20.

The campaign will start with a fan meeting session and a concert entitled 『Pink Play』. The event will be held at Walker Hill Hotel and fans could look forward to both Lee Minho and 2NE1 participating in the event as guests. Etude will also host other various events such as 2NE1 inspired make-up contest and photo queen. After the concert, a summer party will end the night with the appearance of a popular DJ.

A spokesperson from the Etude marketing team stated, 「We decided on holding a concert as a way of saying thanks to consumers that have shown so much love for Etude House. We are planning on moving forward with cultures with distinct contents from Etude.」

Etude will also be giving away free invites to the show. To enter the contest, one must purchase any Etude goodies and must enter the receipt number to the Etude homepage. The contest will open on June 23rd and runs until July 31st. 1000 lucky winners will be announced on August 5th.
Meanwhile, check out 2NE1's chic and stylish make-up tips below!