2010年6月22日 星期二

Photo of Sandara Park and TaeYang at new MV filming revealed!

A photo of MV filming for Big Bang TaeYang』s solo song featuring 2NE1 Sandara Park revealed.

Sandara Park posted the photo on her me2day on 22nd June. She wrote, 「I will only show just 1 photo. Even though there are many really really cool features, do check them out through the MV.」

She also said, 「It seems that many females will know how to become 『TaeYang's girl』 through this song and MV. YongBae will set to capture the hearts of many girls once again. Anticipation!」

Sandara Park is set to appear in TaeYang's upcoming solo song MV. The song will be included in TaeYang's first full length album 『Solar』 to be released on 1st July.